Farewell to August

This was, without a doubt, my favourite moment of August! (if you can’t see the video, click here)

It’s been a wonderful August break — 786 people on the blog roll, 5,435 photos in the Flickr pool (!!), 31 days of sunshine, rain, hurricanes, laughter, tears, and nephews. I can’t wait to do it all again next year :)

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  1. Gayle L..

    I loved every minute of it! But I don’t mind saying goodbye to August in Texas on itty bitty little bit :)

  2. Meg Manion Silliker

    complete and total bliss and happiness. he’s so darling. xo

  3. Ron

    I can also relate with this. August would be also a memorable one in my life. It brings joy and sorrow. I have many problems that I was able to faced.

  4. Kelly

    Adorable little nephew! They do make life rich!
    I am so glad to have linked onto this August Break Photo Challenge. Enjoyed it immensely – “focusing” on the good stuff of everyday. Very therapeutic. It was great! Thank you! (sad to see it end).

  5. luzmaqc

    I’m sorry that I could’t complete my own challenge of taking at least a picture a day but August it’s been my busiest moth so far at work. But I enjoyed it so much, enjoyed everybody’s wonderful pictures and especially Susannah’s virtual company. Thank’s for sharing so much love with us. Hope you all have a great rest of the year!!! oxoxoxox

  6. luzmaqc

    BTW, love the video, He’s such a happy little darling :-)

  7. Pheobe

    This was such a great project. I love the concept of taking a break from the demands of normal blogging (I’m so bummed that I missed it!) Hope I can participate next year.

  8. Ashley

    that little guy is incredible :) nephews are without a doubt the greatest!!

  9. Gerri


  10. Mary Murnane

    I stumbled upon your site and the August Break project quite by accident. No, scratch that, I don’t believe in accidents. What I do believe is that it showed up in my life exactly when it was suppose to, and I’m so glad it did. I loved every moment of it. Thank You, Susannah!

  11. susannah

    yay Mary!!

  12. lisa-marie

    I really enjoyed this project! Thanks for hosting it, and I look forward to your next one! Cheers!

  13. Rebecca @ Unexplained X2

    This was my first time taking the August Break and I loved it…thanks.

    This video is too adorable…the look on a child’s face when they’re truly happy is amazing!!!

  14. MS XX

    Support! =)

  15. Kathryn

    just so cute!
    been so busy with study, so I haven’t been commenting much, but I have loved following your August break. :)

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