Happy August Break!

Happy August Break, everybody! Let the photo fun begin :)

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  1. Wayfaring Wanderer

    Yay! I’m so happy that you’re doing this.

    I’m hoping that it’ll get me back to blogging more regularly!


  2. laurie b

    i am so excited about this! thanks for sharing the idea with us. :-)

  3. jess O.

    so excited to be participating! finally getting back into carrying my camera everywhere ;)

  4. amanda

    Happy August Break! Can’t wait to do my post later!

  5. rachel

    LOVE the bunting!!
    And thanks so much for doing this…it’s making me use my iphone for more than twitter and angry birds…which is a good thing! ;)

  6. Ken

    I’m in! I post every Mon/Wed/Fri. Let’s get this party started. :)

  7. Angela

    Love that t-shirt. Carrying my camera definitely makes me slow down. Love that I am doing this and love that you had such an awesome idea!

  8. Sarah

    Yay for August break..thank you Susannah for hosting this again. Beautiful shots..I love the flags:) Hugs, Sarah

  9. Shane

    Thanks for introducing me to so many sunny summer bloggers. As one of the few guys in the crowd I hope I do it justice and don’t classy down the whole affair. Love your stuff. ;)

  10. susannah

    :-D blokes are always welcome!

  11. olivia

    so glad to be participating.. looking forward to the journey! already found some great new blogs to follow!

  12. Catherine Denton

    I’ve seen this mentioned around the blogosphere. What a fun idea, can’t wait to see what everyone does with it.

  13. erika

    Love that shirt! I need it. Just like I need a Break!! It’s time.

  14. Roxanne

    I know it’s only day 1, but I know this: I am already grateful that you put the thought into sending August Break into the world. The photos everyone has brought into my life are doing wonders for me right now.

  15. Sara Gottfried MD

    thanks, susannah, for leading this adventure. i’m writing a book and love how posting photos only frees me up to focus on the book. thanks for your gifts and inspiration. i can feel my adrenals healing and taking in the summer bliss.

  16. Anika @ Pasando

    Thanks for the inspiration to do this…looking forward to the month of photo posts!

  17. Teagan

    This is just what I needed – thank you!!!

  18. Pat

    Thanks for hosting August Break! I’m happy to be participating!

  19. Naila Moon

    Found and started this today1 Whoot!

  20. Susanne

    Your pictures are reflecting the fun side of your break in a wonderful way. – Making things happen in a happy mood – Happying things, or making things happying, the new approach to life :-) A big warm thank you. Things done in love bring back love.

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