I have a Filofax addiction


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  1. LB

    How do you stay so organized when you’re so organized? :) Beautiful shot! Love the colors and your toes!

  2. Alicia

    Ahhh I love these shots! I have a moleskine notebook addiction–I want to buy a new one every time I see one–whether or not the old one is used up! But your Filofax addiction is much prettier :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Casey @ Pocket Full of Sunshine

    I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog and the August Break. I can’t wait to participate…starting today! :) Already joined the Flickr group.

    You have a beautiful blog and gorgeous photos!

  4. lucinda

    Love your addiction. I currently only have one, and it’s empty. I don’t use it. I’m curious how you use all of them or do you rotate annually? :) xoxo

  5. susannah

    hi love! the two A5s i use every day for work/biz… the two personal sizes I don’t currently use… the black pocket size i use for addresses… the red pocket for notes and the smallest i always keep in my bag

  6. teresa

    Hi Susannah~
    Delighted to find your lovely blog today through a pic on Pinterest!
    LOVING the idea of August Break 2011!
    Posted about it on my blog today!
    Just what I need for the busy month of August!
    Thanks a bundle for the inspiration!
    Hugs from Bainbridge Island WA~

  7. Angela Vular

    Love your photos…so colorful. My addiction is journals and sketchbooks! I have so many now that I could open up a small shop!! Whenever I go to the bookstore or art store I purposely try not to head over to that section, but it’s as if there is a giant magnet pulling me there right before I check out.

  8. brooke

    pretty polish! I think I’m pretty obsessed with Moleskine for all my papery needs, but that little purple filofax is very charming. :)

  9. Mel

    I have one, I had to replace my old one because after 20 years it gave up and the binder thingy broke. The new one is beautiful and used for everything, it has my flipping life in it.

    Filofax rock.

  10. Dawn

    Uh, yeah ya do. But you don’t repeat colors!

  11. annalyn

    I was in the bookstore two days ago, I was looking for them and they are not cheap…

    I am here everyday for August Break..and just posted mine. This photo series is just in time for my busy-ness. Thanks :)

  12. sperlygirl

    oh my…its so nice to know i am not the only one! :) thx for sharing (and for the recipe you sent).

  13. katrina

    i spy smurf toes! :D

  14. Melissa Jaine

    I am *all* over that first picture, I love it!
    So clever with the blue. :)

  15. Globetrotting Cacti

    Love your Filofax collection (& had fun identifying the models – the Malden is my favourite at the moment). Have you checked out Philofaxy… a blog devoted to Filofaxes. I am a huge fan & have taken away some great ideas from that site.

  16. susannah

    yes! i love Philofaxy! :-D

  17. susannah

    HEE! Now i know what to call them ;-)

  18. Angela

    Wow. That is a nice-looking addiction. I have been loving August Break! Thank you.

  19. Sarah

    Exactly what I needed to see today! I too am a filofax addict – owner of 3 different sizes. But so terribly unorganised with them. So this morning I set myself the goal of getting my A5 filofax all prettified :) – then your post appeared!

  20. susannah

    Go Sarah — you can do it! :-D

  21. nova

    I LOVE THEM ALL. If I could I would too. Of course I’d buy them under the guise of “organizational tools” but we all know it’s just because they carry so much potential somehow in those little blank pages.

  22. Claire Penn

    Aha… Boo just linked me to this. Is that an A5 Finsbury in Aqua I see? :) I have the very same one… you might want to check out tomorrow’s post over on the CC blog – Write-It Wednesday! (Good – but I bet it won’t get as great a response as your interview last week!) Claire x

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