I want every day to look like this

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  1. Veronica

    How joyful was this little moment?

  2. Sara Gottfried MD

    Love this. I want every day to look like this on the inside – in my heart and mind. This is my favorite August Break photo of yours. Thanks, Susannah!

  3. Tina Tierson

    How wonderful the world would be if everyday did look like that! Thanks!

  4. Roxanne

    What a moment of bliss!

  5. patti scanlon

    It makes me happy to see how much this little boy is loved….

  6. Tasha

    A beautiful memory moment captured…

  7. Marlene

    Was he a bit scared or he was laughing ?
    Either way – gorgeous :)

  8. susannah

    He was laughing his head off :)

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