‘Unravelling #1 totally surpassed my expectations. I did not at all expect to: de-clutter my house, reconnect with old friends, resurrect my sewing machine, redecorate, take a trip down memory lane, meet new friends, learn about new books blogs music, and come to love myself more. The seemingly simple exercises in this course – each week taking photos and writing around a theme – worked some kind of soothing and enlivening soul magic on me. I feel very encouraged, stronger in myself, and more sure of my gifts, roles, and goals for this period of my life. I feel so very lucky to be living this life of mine, and feel emboldened to take the next steps. Thank you, Susannah, for your gentle leadership and wisdom, and for your courage to offer this incredible course.’ ~ Rebecca

Places are still available in the autumn Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self class — come join us!

5 responses
  1. angela king

    these are so lovely. :)

  2. Anne

    I so wish it was in my budget. I have been following your blog for some time and it looks like a wonderful course! Maybe next time. Have a great time.

  3. Christina

    i took the first class, when it all began. i still have good feelings inside about that class.

  4. susannah

    awwww, that gives *me* good feelings.. hugs! xx

  5. shauna

    I love the sense of calm that comes with looking at your photos! And that is truly the loveliest looking fried egg ever :)

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