My favourite Polaroid

This might just be my most favourite Polaroid shot ever. It was taken by my favourite person — my sister — of me holding my other favourite person — my nephew — standing beside my favourite place — the sea — with my favourite camera — my SX-70. The only way this could get any better is if this man was standing just out of camera shot.

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  1. jodi

    so very, very sweet.

  2. Marisa Anne

    oh. this one is perfection.

  3. luzmaqc

    It is perfect!

  4. Amber Goodenough

    haha I love the link to “this man” made me almost laugh coffee out my nose.
    Beautiful pic. I can see why its your favorite.

  5. An

    Beautiful! So sweet and peaceful! Guess that man might have been just a tad distracting ;)

  6. amanda


  7. andrea

    absolutely beautiful. i can totally see why this would be your favorite. it’s perfect :)

  8. EMC

    Sorry, there’s a long queue for that man, and I’m waaaaaay ahead of you. ;) Everything else is lovely though.

  9. susannah


  10. sperlygirl

    this is a shot of pure joy…lovely, susannah

  11. katrina

    awwwww… that’s one of my favorites, too. he’s such a darling!

  12. jane

    He just melts into you. So much love there.

  13. kathleen


  14. Amibeth

    THAT is the best feeling EVER.

  15. Nina

    Gorgeous picture, but… that weirdly muscly bloke? Really?!

  16. Roxanne

    Sweet … so beautiful!

  17. Francesca

    Love it. And that man – Phwoar!

  18. Mama Zen

    Great shot!

  19. Ann

    That’s what a hug is supposed to feel like. This is lovely.

  20. Randi Buckley

    Love. Pure love.

  21. stacy

    that is total love right there. you are completely melted into each other. i bet it will be his favorite too.

  22. Ashley

    my little nephew is my whole world.

    tell me— it just keeps getting better, right? :)

    this picture is just about as fabulous as it gets!

    ps: the pinterest man is equally as incredible!

  23. susannah

    It’s the sexy werewolf from True Blood!

  24. susannah

    It really does :-)

  25. Rhianne

    everytime I see him on true blood now I think of you lol, he is rather dashing!

    and that photo is perfect, you both look so content :)

  26. Jayne

    I was immersed in the total loveliness of this photo – I can see your unquestioning love for that little man and his complete trust and comfort at being in your arms and then I clicked on the link. …Well, yes, I’d have to agree with you, that *would* be perfection. Wonderful post. :)

  27. Pat

    Perfect image – pure love!

  28. Donna

    Gorgeous photo!

    (As for the man, have you seen this article already? )

  29. susannah

    Holy CRAP! *does happy dance*

  30. Diana

    Just beautiful. There are no more words to be said.

  31. Melissa Dinwiddie

    So beautiful! I’m all smiley now.

    And the muscley bloke? I’ll take three, thanks.


  32. she of 108 names

    Gorgeus photo! What a sweetie.

    Clicking on the link to ‘this man’ woke me up from my morning slumber haha :)

  33. a loved home

    beautiful peaceful picture (and rather unexpected contrasting rippling hunk! ;0 )

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