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Moleskine journals
These are my journals dated 2003 – 2011. All large ruled Moleskines. They are the first things I would try to save if my house was on fire.

I also use Moleskines for book notes and other writing projects; the Filofaxes are for biz project organisation, diary, addresses and admin. Also quite partial to a Rhodia notebook or three.

I LOVE stationery, don’t you?

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  1. Lesley Myrick

    Why yes, I DO love stationery! I just started a new Moleskine planner (a DIY version based off of this: and I am BEYOND excited. There’s just so much potential in a new notebook! :)

  2. Crystal

    Stationary is the best! I am in the process of gathering some inspiration for a new line I am working on. I love that you have used the same notebook for so many years. I wish all my journals where the same size and colour but I am just happy to have writings, drawings and reflections in books from my past.
    Hope your having a wonderful week!
    Much Love,

  3. Alicia

    oooh now that’s what I’m talking about!

  4. Mel

    I love my moles. I have them in various colours for various things. I have a suitcase full of them.

  5. barbara

    yes i´m an addict too…..:-)

  6. Joanne

    I absolutely LOVE stationary! I just bought my first Moleskine ruled notebook and am using it as my journal. I hope to keep it the way you do. :)

  7. Joy

    This is so amazing! I wish I could be as an avid diary keeper as you are. I keep “forgetting” about it. Right now I’m struggling to finish the Moleskine by the year’s end.

  8. Angela Vular

    You are so organized! Wow! Today I received a package in the mail and in it was your polaroid note cards. They are absolutely lovely. I had ordered them a while back so this was a happy surprise. I cannot wait to use them. Of course I bought 2 boxes…I am a stationery junkie too.

  9. susannah

    Ohhh, Angela! I’m so glad you like them, yay!

  10. Alicia

    Ohh I got mine today too!! So excited!

  11. Christianne

    I do! I adore stationery and everything paper. It’s fun to meet a fellow Moleskine and planner fiend. :)

  12. missing moments

    love moleskin!

  13. Sara

    I love my journals as well, though you have a bit more than I do, haha. (I have about twelve.) I also love how yours are all simple and matching with the dates clearly labeled on the side! I haven’t run into a problem yet about knowing which journal goes in which order, but I do think labeling them is especially good for organization.

    Okkkaay, I’m done rambling about journals, haha.

  14. amanda

    That is amazing – you have kept up with your journaling for so long, and have the books so organized – what a treasure!

  15. nova

    That. Is. Beautiful.

    That’s it, consider yourself copied…sorry, that’s the way it’s got to be.

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