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  1. Jazmyn

    I miss going to the beach! So much fun!! Also did you use a cell phone for these? If so what app did you use?

    Oh Jazmyn?

  2. Nanette Gordon-Cramton

    So beautiful, Susannah! Thank you for sharing these special moments with your nephew.

  3. bella

    Little man is getting big! He is so adorable. xo

  4. Marcela

    What a sweet boy. I love the 2nd picture :)

  5. Roxanne

    My, how Noah has grown!! What a lovely Saturday you’ve had ….

  6. Catherine Denton

    These are precious! Love the phone booth in the middle of everything. Ha.

  7. susannah

    Yes, I used Picture Show :)

  8. Amibeth

    I wanted to step through these pictures into your Saturday. :) That second photo is very sweet, and I love the one with the phone booth. I wish they were that color here. :)

  9. Miki

    Awe, adorable pics! ;) Hope you have a colorful day!


  10. kristen

    i love that first photo – such complete joy! and he’s quite the sharp dresser…

    the lonely phone booth on the beach is brilliant.

  11. Kristine Dubuque Ortega

    Love all your photos in this post … Love your work!

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