Something for the weekend

I want a copy of this sweet book (via Mrs French)

Katrina’s glitter magnets + how she made the glitter for our August Break badges (627 people and counting!)

10 ways to compliment a woman without mentioning her looks

This Polaroid tattoo is awesome.

Speaking of Polaroids, our Pretty Polaroid notecards are now available from Amazon! (UK site / US site)

This is now my theme song for September (thank you Randi)

Sas emailed me this link because she thought I would love it. She was right.

I also love these beach treasures

Brooke’s reflections on the in-between places

More books less bombs

I have a feeling this book is going to be important for me

Need to get some botanical paints for Noah (via Denise)

Let’s help Colleen raise 50 for 50!

I’m dreaming about finding my perfect home

One of my favourite photos ever

A minimal way to view your Flickr photos (here’s mine – thank you Diana)

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Period Suck Less

Amanda’s photography ecourse looks perfect for new photogs who want to shoot with more passion

You will become obsessed with this site too

And finally, these chatty babies have won my heart (via Tara)

Enjoy! xo

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  1. LaToya

    Hi Susannah

    You may like this link from Cup of Jo on How to talk to little girls, which shares the idea of your 10 ways to compliment a woman link.

    Thank you for your something for the weekend posts. I always find a blog to add to my favorites, an item to add to my wishlist, things that allow me to smile and ideas to ponder.

  2. Alicia

    Oh I am so glad your weekly link list is continuing through the August Break! You always post the coolest links! Thanks!

  3. Nina

    From a lot of your perfect home pictures, it looks like you might need to move to France… But I’ve been trying to keep my own ‘perfect home’ daydreaming in check recently – it can be so distracting, especially because that distraction is deliberately fed by magazines, TV, etc. We’re supposed to keep wanting wanting wanting, but that can disconnect us from the present and makes us feel constantly dissatisfied. My mother-out-law moved to a massive French farmhouse last year (from a very beautiful flat in this country), practically bankrupted herself decorating the entire place just how she wanted, and is now bored of it and talking about moving again – somewhere more elegant, somewhere with warmer weather… It’s not that I think we shouldn’t have dreams, but we need to know when they’re taking us away from what’s important now! (Also, we’re encouraged by our capitalist society to dream about material gains -what we want to have rather than what we want to do or know or be.) The Bach Flower Remedy Clematis is supposed to help with this…

  4. Lily

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Jennifer

    omgosh! those babies are far too cute.. and love that ‘easy view’ flickr trick.. perfect!

  6. Jill Kane

    Just received my Pola notes today – gorgeous! I have the first edition as well. Love the quality (and the fun envelopes!). Chronicle did a great job with them. I plan to use them in my minibooks :) Thanks for sharing your loveliness xoxo

  7. Randi Buckley

    Glad I could be of help, love. It is your song after all.

  8. Lindsey (aka modchik)

    I’m so glad I made it to your blog – I follow you on instagram I’m modchik — so happy to have you in my RSS reader now — I love the August meme, think I’m going to have to join the party!

  9. susannah

    Hi Nina, thanks for sharing!

  10. katrina

    i really wish i had read this post (and by proxy, Gala Darling’s article) on Friday — it my worst pms day EVER. :) i’m back to “normal” now (phew), but my goodness, i was on a crazy roller coaster ride.

    i just ordered your polaroid notes — so excited!!!! :D

    i’m off to check out the rest of the links. have a great week, susannah. :)

  11. katrina

    THANK YOU for the link love — thank you thank you!

  12. elizabeth

    thanks so much for including me in your list! what an unexpected surprise. : )

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