Something for the weekend

I’m obsessed with my new washi tape

49 ways to live a kick-ass life

The extraordinary paintings of Christopher Stott

I want to slide to the train too!

Beautiful postcard set by Sandra Dieckmann

I’m currently planning my next tattoo, but look how cool this temporary one is (via The Geeky Vegan — love her mixtapes!)

Every woman needs to read this book — seriously.

This is important too: how to talk to little girls (thank you, LaToya)

Some Etsy gift ideas: these lovelies :: this cutie :: this :: and this

My mate Leonie’s launched a dream with her creative retreats in New Zealand!

The photography of Jessica Tremp has bewitched me

VIDEO: This just slayed me (via Gwen)

My new favourite drink: Nutella hot chocolate (see also: my Nutella addiction and 41 coffees)

Loving Sarah Wilson’s take on mindful eating

How freaking gorgeous was this couple’s wedding?

I really want to take one of these with me to San Francisco next month

Loving this series of images from the ever-inspiring Mr Ferry

Yep, now I feel old.

I’m going to attempt Elsie’s project

And finally, this video is amazing

Enjoy! xo

6 responses
  1. Libby

    This is my first comment here, and it feels like an initiation of sorts. Your blog is a new favourite, since I went quasi-stalker and read through several months worth of posts on Wednesday afternoon. So… just to let you know, this is an incredible place. And I think washi tape is super duper! I like to buy mine from Paper Mash because it’s British.

  2. Sarah Rooftops

    Yup, I feel old now, too.

  3. Alexa

    Wow those paintings from Christopher Scott are amazing!! Imagine how long they would have taken?

    Thanks for sharing – good to have a few things to keep
    Me entertained while nursing my boy at 5am :)

  4. leonie

    i’m a fan of washi tape too. it’s so lovely.
    that book looks interesting and browsing through the rest of your links is going to keep me busy whilst i have my first cup of coffee

    thanks for including nzcr – you are awesome.
    (and i love you)

  5. kathy b

    im off to enjoy your links now before I nap …..

  6. Lori Glover

    Hi Love! Stumbled upon your blog and loving it! The music site – the geeky vegan doesn’t work it requires a user name and password, is that correct? Let me know! I’m a sucker for new music and good mixes. All the best! L

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