An Indian summer in autumn

After a week of poring over every word and making corrections and alterations, I sent the manuscript back to Kristen the copy editor yesterday. The cover design has been completed (I can’t wait to show you!) and next up is the interior. Going back through the manuscript for a second time was a much more sobering experience — I’m happy to report that there were enough passages I did like to reassure me the book’s not totally shite, but I gotta say… my perfectionist side went into overdrive. There were moments when I just wanted to delete the whole thing and start again. It’s hard to let the book be finished. Reading back there was so much more I wanted to add — new chapters, new ideas, new tangents that occured to me. I guess this is why authors pen a second book :) but still… it’s a finished object, and that feels strange. I think I have been blogging for too long.

* * * * *

We’re enjoying an Indian summer in the UK right now. They say it will last till Tuesday, so I went into town today to work in my new favourite cafe and just be in the sun-soaked streets. The warm breeze was like an embrace and I lapped it up. In the photo above you see me working on the Photo Meditations course — that feels like an embrace too. I really hope you like it because i can’t wait to share it.

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  1. Jill Kane

    I will be on your beautiful continent next week :) Can’t wait! Going on a photo/crafty tour of Tuscany with Ali Edwards and a bunch of other creative souls. Sometimes I feel like I was really meant to be a European, rather than an American. The grass always looks greener elsewhere. . . when I know it really isn’t ;) Ciao!

  2. susannah

    oh, how lovely! have fun! x

  3. Meghan @ Life Refocused

    So thrilled for you and the book coming together. Can’t wait to have my very own copy. Since I am constantly writing for work, I know the pain of re-reading your own words. But trust and power through. xo

  4. Alicia

    Ahhhh what a relief that must be! I hope you gave yourself a little gift of thanks for completing it! So excited to purchase the book :)

  5. Laura Petrovich Cheney

    RE: editing process – I know just how you feel! I just finished my thesis this summer. It took me nearly nine months to write it. By the twenty-something edit, I wanted to through it out the window and start a new project. When the process is over, you will just beam with pride and joy (or exhaustion). Good luck with the project. Really enjoying your Unravelling project.

  6. Nicole | Blue Bicicletta

    So many congratulations on bringing the book to completion! I think it might just be the hardest part—to let something be done.

  7. Rae

    I’m SOO looking forward to photo meditations….
    and can’t wait till you share it!

  8. Kathryn

    love the photo and I can’t wait to see the cover! :)

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