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Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and emails after my last post. I really wasn’t expecting that and it’s helped to buoy my mood. Because, you see, I’ve been feeling a bit blue… hormones and a cancelled holiday will do that to you. What was getting me down the most was not being able to teach my class at the Teahouse Studios. It’s quite a big deal for me to teach in person because, despite appearances, i’m really quite shy. I have to gather all my introverted wiles and just launch myself into teaching. So I’d been building myself up to the challenge, and was really looking foward to stretching my teacherly wings.

And then two days ago i had a why-didn’t-i-think-of-that-before moment.

While putting the class together I’d found there was a lot of material i had to leave out — there was no way I could cover everything i wanted in a one-day workshop, so i distilled the juiciest bits down into a few exercises we would do together on the day. Meanwhile, I have been working on my Blogging From the Heart guidebook, and while the writing section has flowed like a dream, the photography part has proven more tricky. Because there’s so much I want to share, and much of it needs to be experiential — assignments and lessons, rather than chapters you read.

And that’s when it hit me — I’ve been trying to fit the teaching into the format *I* decide, but actually, it’s got its own thoughts about that. It’s not a workshop or a chapter, it’s a freakin’ course!

I’ve always been a bit reluctant to teach a photography class as there are a bajillion photography classes and ecourses out there, so really, do we need another one? But you guys, I am so excited about Photo Meditations! Now I’ve given mysef permission to make it bigger, my head is spinning with ideas. The last time I was this inspired I was creating Unravelling back in 2008 :)

So before I share more, i wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing a (probably 5-week) photography course with me in November? It’s called Photo Meditations: Infusing Your Images With Soul.


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  1. Milena

    Yes the world does need your photography course, very much so. I would love with all my heart to take part:) It was your inspiration during Unravelling that gave me the confidence to take photographs and I haven’t stopped since. I have so much still to learn and can’t wait to get started xxx

  2. Rhianne

    Oh, I would most definitely be interested… I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  3. Anna

    yes yes yes!! when can i sign up? :)

  4. Hanne Rysgaard

    Yes please I’m in! xxx

  5. Aggie

    Count me in!!

  6. Mel

    raises hand and says yes… I’ll take any course you do, because I know it will be awesome.

  7. Martien

    Finally :)
    I’d love to take part in it.

  8. Debbie

    YES! Please!

  9. Whitney

    yes, most definitely. perfect timing!

  10. Katie

    YES! as long as I can afford it, just back from a mega adventure which cost a bit and leaves me missing a paycheck from time off unpaid :P

  11. Tina Tierson

    Oh gosh, Susannah, I’d love it! But I’m not sure about THIS November, as I’m taking your autumn Unravelling course as well as starting some other adventures. But when you offer it for the second time (and you KNOW you will!!!) you can count me in for sure!! So glad things are coming together for you and hopefully your “blue spell” turned out to be a creative passage for you! Much love!! xoxo

  12. Donna

    YES! It’s funny, because when I saw the course offering for the Teahouse Studios I wished that it could be an online course so I could take it! Perhaps I’ll get my wish after all! I think that it is a wonderful idea Susannah. Run with it! Count me in!

  13. Laura

    Absolutely yes!!!!

  14. Stacy

    Yep, I might be interested. :-)

  15. Gerri

    Susannah, you have been so influential in my artistic development. I have been looking for a photography course for many months. I couldn’t think of a better teacher than you!! Looking forward to the journey…

  16. cococita

    I’d love to, but does that mean that your Blogging from the Heart will be canceled? ’cause that would be a shame … :(

  17. judy

    Can’t wait to see what it is about

  18. Donna

    YES! It’s funny because when I saw the course offering for the Teahouse Studios I wished that it could have been an online class so that I could take it. It sounds so great. So, perhaps I will get my wish. I’d love to take your class, Susannah. Spin away. And now, I’m inspired! Count me in.

  19. Lisa

    As one of your would’ve been Tea House students I put in a resounding yes! Photo Meditations as longer, more in depth experience sounds fabulous! xo

  20. Margarita

    Susannah, I’d absolutely be interested! You’re a fantastic teacher and photographer, so I’d love to learn from you. Count me in, as well. :)

    P.S., Super excited about Unravelling #2 very soon!

  21. susannah

    no no, Blogging From the Heart will still be offered, but i think the photography section will be smaller and i’ll keep my focusing writing for your blog :)

  22. angie

    hell, yeah!

  23. Vinita

    Yes! I’m in!!

  24. Sheena

    yes I would be so interested!

  25. Shandi

    Yes! This sounds like a wonderful idea.

    I haven’t been able to do the Unravelling courses this time around, but I’m still eagerly awaiting the next batch. And I’m also looking forward to Blogging From the Heart.

  26. Carol Nunan

    Susannah I am doing Unravelling 2 with you starting in September but I’d still be interested in doing your photography course in November.

  27. Kaija

    Yes! YES!!

  28. Brandi


  29. Meg

    As Unravelling 1 got me into photography and visual storytelling, I would probably be up for this.

  30. Michaela

    What an inspired idea!! If I could make the timing work, I would most certainly enroll!

  31. Sherralee

    Absolutely! There IS a need for what YOU personally have to offer. Sign me up.

  32. Liz

    I am on board! Especially since I missed the opportunity to sign up for Unraveling before it filled up, I would love the opportunity to learn from you in another way.

  33. Sharon Harkness

    I am so there. Count me in for November. I wanted to attend your Teahouse class but had just moved 10 hours away and couldn’t be there. I was very blue.
    Your Unravelling 1 course re-awoke my love of photography and has opened up worlds for me.
    Thank you.

  34. Briana Morrison

    I would be totally interested! I was originally signed up for the class at Teahouse Studios (and still am depending on the reschedule date) and, as I mentioned in my email, was pretty bummed it fell through. Keep the inspiration flowing, Susannah. The possibilities are endless!

  35. Alicia

    Of course! Any course that you teach is on my “must-do” list.

  36. Graciel


  37. Michelle

    sounds awesome!

  38. Anne

    Yes, yes, yes! It sounds absolutely amazing!

  39. Brigindo

    Wonderful idea. I’d love it.

  40. A

    I took Unravelling 1 in Summer of 2010 and was planning to take Unravelling 2 this summer, but I had a baby instead. Photo Meditations couldn’t come at a more perfect time (i take so many photos now. Partly because of the baby and partly because I have so little time to devote to any other creative pursuits) and I would definitely take it. Brilliant, Susannah!!!! :-)

  41. Gretchen

    Very interested!

  42. Rae

    Me, me, ME!! :D

    I am SO in.


  43. amber

    totally interested! would it be an online course or an in person course?

  44. Melissa Jaine

    Like you need to ask … :)

  45. ellen

    oh, yes, yes, yes…hoping the timing works out for me…but sounds so exciting!!!

  46. Paty

    I would love to participate Susannah!!

  47. patti scanlon

    I am doing Unravelling 2 but I would do photography in November also. I have learned so much from you. You have been an inspiration to me and helped me to unravel and begin to find myself again after 17 years of being mommy.

  48. CourageousYes

    Of course!! Just exactly what I need to come into my life this fall…

  49. Jeannine

    I am definately interested – you really have an eye for a beautiful shot! And as an Unraveller I know the course will be excellent!

  50. Your biggest fan (for realz)

    oh, god, yes

    (always yes)

  51. gis

    count me in, I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun!

  52. Suzie

    Yes!!! Fabulous Idea!

  53. susannah

    Hello love! A five-week course online :)

  54. Fiona

    You might remember I mistook your blogging from the heart for a e-course, so this news makes me so happy. I would love some photography tips from you, my dear, and honestly, I would do an e-course of yours no matter what the topic, writing or fashion or even taxes ;)

  55. susannah

    hee! i would pay good money to do a taxes course — i find it so confusing :)

  56. Helen

    Yes Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Angela Vular

    Oh my…I have been trying to decide on a photography course for weeks now!!! Perfect timing…I’m in! As a former unraveller I know it will be a wonderful course. Can’t wait!

  58. Cindi Saadi

    Absolutely – YES. :-)

  59. ginger


  60. Jesa

    Yes, yes and yes!!! I LOVED Unravelling & will be taking Unravelling 2, so this makes me sooooooo happy to learn this news.

  61. Toni

    How exciting! Can’t wait, now to find the funds….

  62. Sarah

    I’d probably be interested, depending on content etc. Look forward to hearing more details. Sounds great.

  63. Vicki

    Would love too!! If I can learn just half of what you know then I would be lucky :)

    I say YES!!!

  64. Daphne Johnson

    I would love to. I have been looking at your other courses to do since Unravelling hit such a good spot for me. I have a lot on at the moment though, I just started a yoga teacher training program and moved internationally combining 2 houses. So, I will have to see if it’s too much this time round. Otherwise i hope it’s a huge success and goes a second round so I can join at some point.
    You are an amazing teacher and your vulnerability in your teaching is part of what takes you to that title.

  65. Daphne Johnson

    Vinita (Salom)?
    Funny to find you here. How are you? Did you do Susannah’s Unravelling course? You would enjoy it! Hope you are well. daphne

  66. Bea

    Yes, please. Yes.

  67. Rachael

    Yes, yes, absolutely!!

  68. Michelle Park

    Am I too late to leave my YES?

    YES! please.

  69. Gayle L..

    Yes… I, like the rest of your groupies, would do just about anything with you (hell probably even for you.) I too am taking Unravelling 2 and don’t want to be spread too thin. I’d appreciate your thoughts on taking them at the same time.

  70. Jacqueline

    Yes! Would be very interested. Count me in!

  71. Shirley

    Adding my voice to the yeses!

  72. dara

    i was also thinking when I saw it offered at the Tea nice it would be to take it!

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