Our recipe

Two cups of sisters
Half a cup of blondie bear
6 tablespoons of patience
4 drops of naughtiness
15 gallons of love

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  1. anna

    oh my gosh this is adorable!!

  2. Lisa

    So wonderful and perfect – words and picture!

  3. Roxanne


  4. Hélène

    So cute !

  5. Joolz Benner


  6. Kim

    Everything about this picture is just so perfect. It sings!

  7. Gill M

    What a heavenly recipe :)

  8. Kathy

    There is no sweeter recipe than this! Well put.

  9. Angela Vular

    Great recipe…..adorable blondie bear!!!

  10. Theresa

    Just found your blog – i love making “recipes” like this… and this one is just perfectly sweet.

  11. Susan

    Wow, thanks for the recipe. It is so cute how the baby is trying so hard to get her/his hands on those desserts. I looks delicious.

  12. Dina

    So precious!

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