Something for the weekend

Read this now: You have permission not to wait for permission

Wow. A photo exhibition held on a shipwreck in the ocean

On my desktop right now (from Simple Desktops, via Randi)

Also: Gwen’s Something Lovely

I’m fascinated by Furoshiki wrapping cloths

From the lovely Susan Piver: [audio] intro to the Enneagram and how to choose a meditation practice

Dream cats

Loving the photography of Vicky Slater

Little bit obsessed with Jen’s smart ideas Pinterest board

A room with a muse (plus more here)

Current Etsy faves :: this :: this :: this :: this (loving all of James’ faves)

I want to drink a cup of tea here! (also: tea party with Oscar Wilde)

Food blog recipes all in one place: Punchfork

Camille Seaman’s iceberg series is just incredible

The Dude abides

i cannot WAIT to read this book

I am so wanting to rock this look for autumn (also: I wanna do this to my hair)

I’ve submitted three poems… you next?

Just ordered a set of these beautiful cards (thank you Amy)

And finally, the finger monkey is the tiniest primate in the world. Fact.

Enjoy! xo

12 responses
  1. Amy Palko

    Oh you’re most welcome, honeypie. I just absolutely adore them – so gorgeous. And did you know that you can send the images as e-cards? I like to send them to friends sometimes and just let my intuition guide me as to which ones I send ;-)

  2. Sylvia

    Hello Dear! I wanted to tell you this some time ago: I love your “something for the weekend” posts!!! : ***

    P.S. Did you figure out your enneagram number?

  3. Brandi

    I live around the corner from that record store!!!!

  4. Rachel Cronin

    I love these linky posts- thank you. Especially for Justine Musk- I think I might lose my entire weekend to that particular blog!

  5. Alicia

    I am also contemplating the dyed tips! Seems like it would be fun. Take a pic once you do yours :)

  6. susannah

    hi love! yes! i am a 4 :D

  7. Star

    I came upon the iceberg photos earlier this summer and love them also–that special color of blue is just mesmerizing.

  8. Sylvia

    me too! we are soooo special ; ) ha, ha

  9. Carol

    Ooh I love Gwen Bell

  10. theaxx

    oooh yes, I agree! love them all!


  11. Nina

    Oh thank you thank you for that finger monkey picture!
    Furoshiki – looks like a good idea and I recently wrapped my sister’s birthday present in a bit of fabric because I didn’t have big enough paper. But please don’t pay $50 for a 90x90cm piece of cloth. Try something way cheaper and more ethical from here:
    Also that hair look is quite exciting (like feathers) but if you ever suck your hair, be sure to use non-toxic dye…

  12. Meg

    Super collection of links and pictures. PS – I wish I were the girl with the red concertina…

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