Something for the weekend

How is it possible? Thelma & Louise turn 20

Me and alarms don’t get on so well so i’m curious to try this

Music for your mood (via Randi)

These clouds make me dream of flying away *sniff*

An online retreat with Pema Chodron! (via Christine)

I’ll be making this soup for dinner tonight

Famous photos seen through Instagram filters (I like the Diane Arbus one best)

This made me laugh (via Joanna)

These Polaroids by Brooke (see also: Whitney & Dave’s Polaroid wall)

And Kaylah’s adventures with a land camera

Film isn’t dead yet! (via Katrina)

The orginal meaning of something for the weekend ;-)

How cute are these bespoke wedding cake toppers? (Speaking of cute, THESE!)

OMG. My Little Pony on acid

Where I write

The Scout for dining in NYC

I cannot wait to visit the Monster Supply Shop when I’m next in London town

Living the self-employed life

My favouritest thing in the world? Watching In the Night Garden with Noah

And finally, if you’re a Filofax addict like me, check out the German site — they’re celebrating 90s years of plannery goodness with 9 days of 90 products for just 9 euros each! I’ve treated myself to a couple, and bought some Christmas presents too :)

Enjoy! xo

5 responses
  1. Sylvia

    ha, ha, ha a condom!
    I love Thelma & Louise.
    Have a wonderful weekend : *

  2. Nina

    I seriously think alarm clocks are a major problem to human society! I have ME/CFS and I’ve found that if I wake myself up with an alarm (rather than letting myself wake up naturally) I feel significantly worse all day – others with similar illnesses have said the same. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone, but most can get away with it more. Please report back on the thingymajig!

  3. Zarina Ávila

    Susannah not know how to enjoy these recommendations post every Friday. This, to me, was the best. Thanks for sharing so much!

  4. Katrin

    thank you so much for the filofax hint….placed my order already ;-)…and for all the rest of the inspiration you are. have a lovely weekend!

  5. Tina Tierson

    I’m seriously loving Something for the Weekend! When I get the email I know it’s finally Friday! And such fun stuff! Thanks Sweet Susannah! xoxo

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