Something for the weekend

I loved reading these three articles about being an auntie

“You’re my zen cheese”

[Video] This is magical: Forwards Backwards (via Melissa)

The Vegan Stoner (also: fancy grilled cheese, or cheese-on-toast as we like to call it on my planet ;)

Show off! How to write 300,000 words in one year

Before they were famous

How to make lotion bars

Seth Godin on blogging & productivity

Well, this takes me back: teenage bedrooms

Marianne is running another Karma Yoga session this year — pay-what-you-can and help raise money for good causes!

We’ll be doing this for Noah one day: Thor party! (also: this)

Aran’s food photos are always so delightful (and loving this urban engagement shoot)

Have you seen Graciel’s soulful new magazine?

Bizarre: 3D photo sculptures of people

Just bought this ebook: I Quit Sugar

[Video] An inspiring film about drawing (via Keri)

The aurora seen from the International Space Station (also: white whale calf spotted off the Whitsundays (via Jo)

The 10 Golden Rules of Lomography (also: Instagram recreated with vintage cameras & film)

Self love = good business

And finally, Andrea asks: what’s your epic shit?

Enjoy! xo

10 responses
  1. Meg Roper

    Lotion bars and vintage Instagram – super recommendations but I particularly loved watching Tommy Kane draw!

  2. Ashley

    the aunt articles and the aurora have made this the perfect post :)

  3. Alicia

    Thanks for the link about writing 300,000 words a year! Great one.

    Love the top photo btw! So cute!

  4. Carol

    Loved the Before They Were Famous, especially George Clooney’s LOL

  5. laurie b

    i really loved the articles about being an aunt. i can so relate! i enjoy seeing pictures of and reading about your nephew because i have two that make my heart sing, as well.

  6. Shanon

    I so enjoy these posts. You always find some golden nugget I never would have seen. =)

  7. annemarie

    Hey Susannah! I bought the quit sugar book too! I’ve been sugar free for TWO whole days – I decided to go cold turkey… my best anti craving snack so far: feta on toast… Good luck!!!

  8. Rhianne

    oh, we’ve quite sugar (mostly) i highly recommend it, though it does change your taste buds lol, I havent been able to eat milk chocolate properly since we did it – though there are so many tasty dark chocolates out there (who knew) that I don’t mind so much – I’ve become a one square of dark chocolate a day person lol.

  9. Hilary

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Aunt articles! Being an auntie is my biggest blessing in life, two teen nieces and a younger nephew. A precious and unique relationship indeed. Thank you also for this blog, I visit regularly and have often been inspired; and should probably have said ‘Hello’ a long time ago!

  10. susannah

    hello auntie Hilary! x

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