The Blondie Bear

I really miss him today.

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  1. Belle

    Awwwww. You guys are the cutest!

    It’s freaky to me how much your nephew and my son look alike.

  2. Christian @ Eskimo Kiss

    What a good auntie!

  3. Alicia

    aww, he is getting big!

  4. damian

    Sweet but also a little dull. Time to get a life of your own . Get selfish, get tipsy, even get laid…..

  5. Catherine Just

    Can’t believe how big he is and oh I love those photos of the two of you together. xoxox

  6. Christine

    My fav is the last one where he’s leaning into your kiss……Everyone should have an auntie that loves like you do. The world would be so much nicer!

  7. Stephanie

    He is growing so fast! What a cutie :)

  8. susannah

    thanks for your insightful comment, Damian

  9. Angela

    She’s cherishing time spent with her gorgeous little nephew, who is a part of her life. What would getting tipsy and getting laid bring to the blog that would be more interesting? Maybe you should take your own advice, instead of reading things that don’t interest you.

  10. Angela

    I fell in love with my cousin’s little girl, that I have yet to meet in person, after watching a video he posted of her on Flickr. So beautiful! and I would be spending as much time with her as possible, if I had the chance (they’re home in England, and I’m in the U.S.). He’s lucky to have you, and it’s obvious that you feel the same way about him.

  11. Jennifer

    What a little cutie!

  12. Kathryn

    So sweet. Thought of your love for your nephew when writing and posting a story on my blog…wow, that sounds a bit like I’m advertising. :P
    But truly I did! Because I wanted it to have the heart, the warmth, your photos and words about your nephew have. :)

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