A date with a designer

After over 2.5 years of working together, I finally got to meet my web designer, Jo, in person today! Even after all this time we’ve only ever corresponded by email between England and Australia (well, and Instagram and Twitter, you know how it goes…), so to finally be able to sit together and chat was such a treat. It’s thanks to Jo’s mad design skills that I have the zen space you see here today — that and her extraordinary patience when dealing with a client as perfectionistic and particular as me! She is just a lovely as I knew she’d be :)

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  1. Catherine Just

    YAY!! She mentioned she was going to meet you and I was waiting to see when that would happen! So glad you finally met each other. Seems like such a great working relationship that turned into a friendship. Love! And yes your website has inspired so many of us to hire Jo! What a talent. xo

  2. Steven Andrew

    Aw, this is amazing! I’d go crazy talking to someone through social media but never in person. :P
    I’m glad you got to meet finally!

  3. Melissa Jaine

    Oh, this is lovely, thanks Susannah! I’ve had my eye on Jo for a while, LOL! Hopefully I will be able to use her fabulous talents one day. :)

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