A question (or two) for you

I blame it on the time of year. The horse chestnut tree outside my window, the one that accompanies me throughout the year like a calender, is practically bare, the russet leaves mulched down on the pavement. I’ve been hoovering and dusting and taking books and clothes to the local charity shops, making space in my home for… I don’t know what yet. I think I just need the space. More room to breathe.

And I’ve been doing the same in my Google Reader — clearing out a few blogs to make space for new discoveries. Finding new inspirations on Flickr. Paring back my Twitter lists to open the way for new words.

And this autumnal cleaning has got me thinking about this blog. I don’t have the time to make any big changes in the design, but that’s not what’s needed. This morning I realised I simply wanted to check in with you guys and make sure you still enjoying coming here :) Because I’m in that in-between space of half writing for you and half writing for me. Private thoughts are kept in my journals, but my blog is where I get to share the stuff that’s in my head with readers — and in my five + years of blogging, this really has been the greatest gift of all. To be able to get a witness. To be able to share thoughts and theories. To be able to feel part of a tribe. Never for a moment do I take this (or you!) for granted — blogging is my happy place, even when I get the occasional rude comment.

I’m not big with the blog content planning — it never works when I do that. My blogging style is more talk-about-what’s-on-my-mind-today. So I wanted to ask you:

1. Why do you come here?

2. Are there any topics you’d like me to muse more on? More about blogging, perhaps. Or writing. Or healing. Or photography?

3. Are you digging my one-and-only blog feature, the Friday link posts? And the occasional interviews?

Looking forward to reading your feedback — thank you, loves! xo

* * * * *

In other news, Photo Meditations sold out on Saturday (in four hours!) and because I was getting so many emails i have opened a waiting list — so email me if you’d like to join it x

74 responses
  1. io

    I come here for the photography and Friday links! Love them!

  2. EMC

    I love your photographs and the way you represent your life, both photographically and in words. It sounds, although I’m sure it’s not (just because no-one’s is) almost perfect. And that’s a lovely thing to look at — especially when one is in the mire, as I am and have been for a while, of finding a new life. I’m not going to be much help because I like it just the way it is! Especially the Friday links post, and if I come back on a day you haven’t updated I do get a tiny little twinge of disappointment. You’re inspiring to me at least. Please don’t give up! EMC

  3. Fiona

    Honestly, I come here because I have a bit of a girl crush on you, my dear, and I think anything
    you write is worth reading.

    I also come to drool over Polaroids and my own sx-70 arrived this morning!!, leading nicely onto blog content…

    I love this camera but am a bit (a lot) scared of it so I would love some tips from you on all things Polaroid, where you get film, how you look after your camera, what you do to get the best pictures?

    I loved your podcast too on the world’s biggest summit and some more sage simple advice like that on blogging would be right up my alley.

    I love the friday link posts and have taken to emailing my brother a best bits from those, so would be quite sad if they stopped ;)

    The interviews are not one of my favourite parts, but still interesting to read. Thinking about it, my favourite thing about your blog is the pace. A couple of days a week is nice and manageable to read, with some bloggers that post everyday I have to delete them out of my reader because it’s just too overwhelming to take in.

    Hope this helps :)

  4. Catalina

    Hi Susannah!

    1. Why do you come here?
    because this is a lovely place to be, cosy one, like going to visit a friend and have tea (and some cookies please :) ) and chat. Because your everyday life posts are encouraging, warm and interesting.

    2. Are there any topics you’d like me to muse more on? More about blogging, perhaps. Or writing. Or healing. Or photography?
    Unravelling everyday, and discovering new things are great topics!
    I’m interested in photography ways as well, and each photographer has its own, and maybe this is more a subject for your e-courses, but yes, to discuss a little more about photography would be great. I don’t do Polaroids, so I would love to know how you choose from one style to another. Your i-phone pictures are so great as well!!!! :)

    I love your blog as it is though!

    3. Are you digging my one-and-only blog feature, the Friday link posts? And the occasional interviews?

    sure! LOVE it!!!! and I keep them. Thank you so much for this!: it opens to other worlds in an easy way

    Love and thank you for asking :)


  5. susannah

    oh honey, my life is FAR from perfect. it’s easy to share photos and words that show the good side, but lemme tell ya, i’ve got plenty of shitness, just like everyone else :) work is going well, but personal life? love life? not so much LOL. okay, there is a blog in there for sure! :-D xxx

  6. susannah

    yay for sx-70s! i wish the polaroid book was already out because all your questions are answered in the pages :) soon!! xx

  7. susannah

    yep, i’ll be covering those photography Qs in the course… but i will find ways to more photography to the blog too xxx

  8. Michelle Park

    I come to your website to hear what’s on your mind; to read your words – you write beautifully; to look at your photographs; I LOVE the “something for the weekend” and wonder how you manage to do that on a weekly basis.

    My heart holds a dear place for personal bloggers. Those of you (us) who write what we want, when we want, what we think about, who we love, what we love and all that jazz. You are the kind of animal I read – don’t get tangled (if you’re starting to toe a net) of having a plan or any of those things that How to Blog ebooks set out that you need to do – I come here for you. If you are here, I am happy.

    love from Michelle.

  9. Silvermoss

    1. I come here because your honesty touches me and because I love the insight into your life, the way the words and images you post reveal some of your own self. I’ve never read such an honest blog.

    2. I think the balance is pretty spot-on. I like the mix of personal, open-hearted pieces, together with more ‘practical’ posts about blogging and photography. I’d like to know more about how you create the ‘feel’ of your photos.

    3. I love the Friday post! I love the links and I love the fact it always shows up on the right day! I also like the interviews and the wide range of people you chose.

    Hope this is some help. I think you’re pretty much on the right track so do keep inspiring!

  10. Helen

    When I subscribed to your blog less than a year ago I had no idea how much I would come to look forward to the arrival of your emails. I am always guaranteed lovely photos of your life and goings on, family, friends, photos of things you find that are simply gorgeous. Your collections on Pinterest have got me looking for more original creative things to find and even to make. I come here for your honesty about how you feel, sometimes its hard to be this honest with friends when I don’t want them to worry but your honesty helps me clarifiy how I can reach out to my own friends even when my pride is trying to get in the way. I come because I know you have been where I have emotionally, you understand enormous heartbreaking change. You don’t shy away from how you have been affected, you have found a way to use that change as a source of joy and strength. You are simply being you.

    Over the last couple of months I have gone through some life shifting change again and the book that finally (along with unravelling 1) spoke to my heart was one you had a picture of on one of your posts – Ariel Gore’s BLUEBIRD. It was so good I even read parts out loud to my husband who cheered at points made and said he would like to ‘give a great big thanks’ to the person who recommended it. Saturday mornings are brightened by your ‘link email’ over a cup of tea while I wait for the bathroom to be free and head into the busyness of the day – I too keep them all.

    Change comes in all shapes and there will be time that life is so full of joy that you might not be blogging for a period but for now you are here being you and I for one cherish your work. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
    Healing and photography and inspiration too – what more could I ask for?


  11. julie

    Hi Susannah!! – Reading your blog is like checking in with your cool older sister – so friendly and inspiring and real! I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts, dreaming over your photos, and I always enjoyed the ‘wobbles’ : ) LOVE the Friday links and interviews because the sharing of ideas and creativity is why I love blogs the most – so a HUGE thank you from me!

  12. Angeliki

    To answer your questions, I come here because I like the way you write, I don’t care much about what you say but the way you say it is always so honest and well put. I also love looking at your photos. It’s my favourite Saturday morning activity to look at the pictures of your previous posts with a cup of tea and some cookies :) The Friday links post is my favourite and and I click on everything because the links are original (I haven’t seen them millions of times on twitter and in other blogs) and they are all worth checking out. To be honest I’m not a big fan of the interviews though. I’d like to read more about photography as it is my new hobby and blogging of course.
    Thank you for creating such a beautiful blog.

  13. Melissa

    My darling if I was forced to chose only one blog to read yours is the one. Interesting to read other comments that they like the Friday links – I don’t *not* like it, but I rarely click through on them (but I think that is my own time issues!!). I, of course, love your photos, but probably what I love most is your thoughts, the way you see the world, which in turn has me thinking how I feel on the same subjects. I come here because it feels like home, it feels safe, and it’s like having a cuppa and a chat with a sister :) xxx and writing this has helped me work out what I want to do on my own blog! (which prompts me to ask about the ebook – no pressure! :) We love you and I hope you feel that everyday.
    Melissa Jaine

  14. Pam

    Hi, I am new to your blog. Coming from a link at Shutter Sisters last week. I was interested in your e course and hoped to win that free spot! I also signed into your feed with google reader because I wanted to keep in touch with further courses and to get inspiration.

  15. Meg Manion Silliker

    i come here for too many reasons to type here. but you are like my touchstone. you often say what is on my mind. i love how you put your thoughts and feelings down on paper or the computer screen and it’s like visiting an old friend. your photography sets me off to dreamy land and you know i just love your style. you are organic and real and lovely and the first person i would want to share a pot of tea with. i am really digging your “something for the weekend”! you are brave and honest and i love checking in. the blogsphere is an amazing place and you remain on the top of my list. xoxo

  16. Micala Duvoux

    Hi Susannah,

    I read because I love your uncalculated honesty and your style of writing. I did the unravelling course so I feel I know you in an odd but non stalkery way :) Your photography is inspiring and I love the Friday links.

    I like the frequency of the posts. I’d like more interviews as I think they’ve died off a bit? Normal though with everything else you’ve been up to.

    Anyway, I am one happy reader!


    PS Off to find the major tip that you got about PMS!

  17. Nanette Gordon-Cramton

    Hi Susannah, I love seeing your email in my box indicating your have written on your blog. One of the most special things for me about coming here is that you write with your heart wide open, and taught me to do this as well. Often after reading your post, whatever I am working on ends up being written from a much more honest, and open place. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model. I am also crazy about your Polaroids. Especially the ones when you indicate “taken on my morning walk to the bakery” or somesuch note. I love that I can picture where you are and that its ok to post the joy and beauty of everyday things. And yes, yes, I love your “Something for the Weekend.” I always find someone new to read, something new to see (such as all the cuties on your Pinterest board…) and I do look forward to that post.
    Thank you for sharing your photos, insight, life experiences and connections with the rest of us! x0x0 Nanette

  18. Maura

    I love visiting your blog. Your writing and thoughts reflect the lives of many women including me. I enjoy sharing your journey!

  19. Barbara

    Your blog has evolved as you aré doing, and that is the beauty of it.
    I still enjoy it! It is always nice to see what you aré up to!

  20. Sherri

    Hi Susannah,
    Your blog is wonderful. You are the first and only blog I follow. As a fellow photographer, I love your photos – the beauty, the creativity, the eye you have. When I don’t have time to read, I love to see your photos interspersed. Wobbles too as I have a niece and two nephews myself that I completely adore. But in addition, you give us your heart. Your crappy days – your lovely days. I (we) can relate to you because you don’t hide behind the mask that so many of us do. Refreshing and gives me the courage to let my guard down at times as well. I too look forward to “something for the weekend” and often stay up WAY too late perusing! I love to see all of the different creative and sometimes interesting sites that on my own I would not take the time to search out. I trust them because I trust you. Thank you for being you. I agree with the person above – we just like YOU!!!! God bless you for all you do to inspire us! See you soon!!!

  21. Vicki

    I come to your website to check-in most everyday. I come to be inspired by your writing and your photography (I so wish I could write like you). I also come to see what cool links you have come up with. Neat places to visit and interesting things to see. You do all the leg work so I don’t have to :) Your blog is like listening to a friend, you are welcoming and sharing. It makes me feel that I am not alone in some of my feelings. You are bright, beautiful and a treasure. Blog away baby!! :) healing, photography etc, I want it all

  22. Andrea

    There are so MANY things to love about your blog. My favorite thing is the way you honestly put yourself out into the world and I especially love how your photography expresses that as well.

  23. judy-sue

    I visit you, as it gives me a connection to England, I have been to your town. My Mom is from Harrogate. I think your pretty cool. Love your cameras. I learn from you. I just really like you. I hope your day is wonderful. Oh and your course makes me look at my day to day in a different way know. I am a better person for it!!!!thank you

  24. mo

    i enjoy your blog because i like the free-flow of your musings. no particular topic draws me, just the way you write about whatever is on your mind at the moment. you have a very calm presentation, are you calm in real life? plus i come here to check on e-course updates. and of course i love your tweets about your nephew, Rockstar Women, etc.

    and a big thanks for your generosity in sharing yourself on your blog and on twitter. as a journaler myself (intermittently), i would love to hear more from you in that arena. but anything you choose to write about is A-OK with me, i just enjoy the writing.

  25. Rebecca Self

    I come here b/c I admire the way you’ve created and run your business… am checking to see what you’re doing as I’m thinking about what I’d like my blog to become. Have you seen E. Gilbert’s talk at O! mag’s 10th anniversary? She says we’re always looking over the fence at how other women are doing it… I guess that’s what I’m doing.

    Also because we seem to know a lot of the same people/run in the same circles.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s just great!

  26. Aurora

    Ditto on all of the above. I love reading how other photographers take their photos and tips from the more experienced (you :)). i love your photos, the friday links and your views. Like someone said above – yes like checking in with a good friend to see how ya doing and what’s going on….i can’t take Photo meditations right now but hope its offered again next year sometime ….

  27. Steven Andrew

    I love your photography and Friday links, they’re always nice and I have too many open tabs!

  28. keishua

    I enjoy reading your blog for many reason. Mainly because it full of realness and heart. I like that you keep it simple.

  29. Veronica Moloney

    I understand your feelings Susannah, I am cleaning out life spaces period. I tend to think my soul is urging me to make room for growth. I am currently one of your students fir the current course. I

    made some heartfelt choices with my blog. I swear I am feeling this pull. 2012 being a new beginning and the Aquarian Age is having an effect on us all. I love your blog. You must do what you need to do. Stay balanced. Veronica

  30. jennifer

    i love it all… you are an inspiration plain and simple. thank you. peace, jennifer
    ps. I LOVE THE CARDS i won!!!!!!!

  31. sonrie

    I do enjoy coming here for all that you have to offer – creative process, links, interviews, deep thoughts. Keep it up and don’t doubt your true instincts! :)

  32. Nina

    I hadn’t thought of it but maybe Julie is right – I’m the oldest in my generation on both sides of my family, so I don’t have any older sisters or cousins, and I’ve just realised that the bloggers I like most are women just slightly older than me.

    I think I come to your blog because you’re consciously shaping your life as you want it, having been through something very difficult. It’s inspiring because of your honesty about the downs as well as the ups (and your humour).

    I’d love to read more about how your inner work on yourself affects the way you exist in the outer world. Does that make sense? How has all your ‘unravelling’ changed the way you go about everyday things or your dealings with other people?

    The Friday links are cool although they make me think you might spend even more time mucking about online than I do :-)

  33. Libby

    I come here because it feels like I’m talking to a friend. I love how honest you seem, and your photography too.
    And honestly, I just want more blog posts! But ones about healing, that might make me cry, are always good.
    And yes, I like your friday links.

  34. Katherine

    I really like your tone…you seem to straddle the line between positivity & realism. And I relate to that. After I first found you years ago, I started reading backwards to the beginning & was egrossed by your trials of coming to term with your new post-bereavment life. I liked hearing my own questions & thoughts being explored through your navigation of life. I love your photographs as well as the “something for the weekend” and I do really like the interviews too, but I mostly come to hear you navigate life via your lovely & realistic voice.

  35. Victoria

    Dear Susannah – I love reading your blog! As a fellow writer, I particularly enjoy reading your posts about the writing process. I love the dreamy quality of your photos. I’m looking forward to your books! I love the links each Friday as it leads me to new discoveries! Keep being you!

    By the way, I loved your talk on the World’s Biggest Summit. Thanks for the great blogging tips.

  36. Rhianne

    Gosh Susannah thats actually quite a tough and oddly personal question. I first found your blog when I was in a pretty low place a few years ago, I’d just finished uni, I missed my friends and family, I didn’t have the job I thought I wanted and I had just started my own blog to try and find myself again.

    At first I fell for your photos, they are so stunning and part of the reason I found my love for photography again… and then I fell for you and your words. You were in a pretty tough place then too but you’ve always perserved and pushed yourself and its made me think that I can do no less.

    Without gushing (kind of) you are my inspiration and coming here is like coming for a little reassuring hug that as long as you’re true to youself, you do what you love, you perservere through the harder times and work hard you can find yourself again and build on it. I hope that makes sense to you.

    Also, I love your links and its so fun seeing what you find and share. I tend to go through them all every Monday as a little cheer me up exercise.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Susannah, its great and I love coming back for more.

  37. Christine

    Hi Susannah – i come here because i find your words comforting, your pictures dreamy and your story is compelling. i’ve been reading your blog for a few years now, i don’t remember how i found you but i’ve had other blogs that i’ve cycled through and cast off but not yours. i’ve gone through my own healing issues and your journey connects to my heart. i never want to feel like a stalker so i only leave comments when necessary, like now, to tell you how much i enjoy my visits here. you’ve evolved and maybe that’s why i keep coming back. listen to your instincts and trust them about this space, they haven’t let you down yet.

  38. sarah echo

    1. I come here simply because I love reading your blog! I’ve been visiting your blog for at least a year, probably longer. I admire your creativity, your courage, and your talent. You just seem like the kind of person I would want to have as a friend!

    2. I love all the topics you cover, especially just stories about your daily life and the little ways in which you strive for happiness.

    3. I love the Friday link posts! I always look forward to them!

  39. Chloe

    I discovered your blog way back in the “Ink on my fingers” days. It’s beautiful and inspiring and your writing along your journey to this space now has evoked tears and laughter. Loving the Something for the Weekend spot. Thank you :) x

  40. stacy

    If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have three blogs to read, your’s would be at the top of the list. Sincerely. Coming here is like having a sofa snuggle with a really cool friend. Your Friday links have become my favorite but I love all of the words in your heart.

  41. Mel

    I just like witnessing your journey and will continue to do so. I love your photos and like to look at how you see the world since it’s so very different from me.

  42. Jan's camera

    Hi Susannah, I first fell in love with your blog because of your polaroids. I love your blog because of your photography. I would like more photo tips. As long as you keep posting your photos, I will be coming back. Can’t wait for the Polaroid book. Thanks so much. Jan.

  43. Tina Tierson

    I LOVE reading your blog! I wish I knew you in person, that we could chat over tea and go for walks. If you lived here I’d probably call you every day just to see how you’re doing and what’s up. Your blog serves that purpose for me; I do feel like we’re friends! I can’t think of anything I’d like to you do differently. I love your photos, I love the Friday links (and really look forward to them), and I love your interviews! That’s how I discovered Marianne Elliott, a woman I admire and respect so much! Just keep doing what you’re doing and know women all over the world are blessed by reading your blog each day! xoxo

  44. Christianne

    Hello, lovely. I absolutely adore your blog. Yours is one of the very few that, when my Google Reader tells me there’s a new post, I immediately click on it. I’m always so inspired to see your photographs accompanying your posts, as well as your very honest and beautiful take on life.

    I’ve been loving your Friday links! They always give me something new that I wouldn’t have found elsewhere, which I appreciate. It’s fun to get a peek into the things you’ve found interesting around the internet in a given week.

    I’m not much for the interviews, but that is the case no matter which blog I read. I subscribe to people’s blogs because I like to learn about them, so I’d rather have 100% you. :)

    Thanks for what you do and how you continue to offer yourself to the rest of us. I plan to keep reading for a long, long time — as long as you plan to keep writing!


  45. Roxanne Galpin

    1. Because your beauty oozes out into each word that you write here, in this blog. That you have come so far from the threshold of grief and loss inspires me. Your words resonate ….

    2. As others have said, the balance here is spot on.

    3. I love the Friday Links

  46. Zarina Ávila

    Me too!!! I love your blog Susannah!!

  47. Whitney Till


    I’ve only recently found your blog, but it, along with your pieces for She-ro’s Journey and World’s Biggest Summit have been a very influential part of my recent creative recovery.

    Thank you!

  48. Catherine Just

    ok – I’m on my period and I just got all teary eyed reading all the comments people are sharing with you….is it because of my period – I don’t know. What strikes me is that all of these people adore WHO you are and HOW you write. Seems that the content is less important than the Heart you bring and the transparency you bring to blogging.

    So – that is my answer. I come here because of WHO you are and HOW you write.

    I learn from you. I get more honest because of you. You introspection helps me to look more closely at myself.
    And you Inspire me.


  49. Clare

    Hi Susannah,

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year, but this is my first comment.

    Why do I read? It’s your authenticity that attracts me. There are so many personal bloggers out there, but you share your story so poignantly, without fluff or fancy. You are honest, genuine & real with your readers. I really appreciate that. & you write beautifully.

    I’m also on my own grief journey & I love to read your experiences (both the good & the bad).

    I am really looking forward to your eBook on personal blogging, as that’s something I’m dipping my toe in. And, I love anything with a ‘behind the scenes’ slant.

    I do enjoy the links posts & the interviews, but only if you are interested in continuing them. For it to work, each post needs to feel worthwhile to you and I’d encourage you to follow your intuition on it.

    Keep up the great work, Susannah.

  50. Maria

    I would repeat every single word already shared on the previous comments… anyway, you are a beautiful soul and your beauty resonates so far away that it reaches also PT. You’re an INSPIRATION. Keep coming Susannah!

  51. Sharon Harkness

    Hi Susaanah,
    I love to see your photos, always an inspiration to me..a moment of beauty. I have been inspired by this to start to see differently and have photography become a part of my life now too.
    I look forward to the Friday links and find myself feeling excited to discover something marvelous that you are sharing.
    Blogs are a new part of my life and I never in a million years would have thought I’d be interested in writing one, but I’ve been so touched by yours and then I listened to your talk on the Biggest Summit and realized I would like to write one just for the Women’s Circle of friends that I left when I moved. So thank you for all of it..the beauty, wisdom, encouragement, honesty and you being wonderful you.
    Love Scarlet

  52. Vanessa

    Me? I come here for YOU and whatever it is YOU feel inclined to share! Having followed your inspiring bloggy path since pretty much forever, Miss Conway, all I can say is I’m not about to leave you any time soon. I couldn’t tell you where it started. Was it SPC? Or Sunday Scribblings? No clue. All I know is, your voice has gone from strength to strength and it has been an utter joy to witness.
    As for my preferences, hmmm… I’m loving the weekend posts (can’t stop myself from clicking through to every single one), the e-mailed newsletter (screen saver love, etc.) and anything Noah-related is always welcome, of course! I enjoy the interview posts, but probably wouldn’t miss them too much if they were gone. In essence, my favourite thing about coming here is the “what’s on your mind” honest-to-god life spilling loveliness, the feel of the place and, last but most certainly not least, the images you share.
    Love galore to you, gorgeous.

    P.S. When are you coming over to Dublin?!!

  53. Tara@Aquamarine

    Hi Susannah, I’ve been following your blog since I ‘discovered’ you a few months ago; it’s in my reader and I read every post. I have that strange thing where I feel I know you a little bit even though you have no idea who I am!

    I love the Friday links, and hearing about your squishy little nephew (I have a squishy niece so I totally get it). I love the colours and the soothing feel of your website, and the same in your photography. I’m not a photographer (although I love to take photos, just with my little digital point and shoot), I’m a painter, and my work is really vibrant; I so love the vintage feel of your work – it’s something I’d love to produce but can never quite manage!

    Clearly from all the lovely responses you’ve had you are doing something that inspires and comforts and gives a lot of people pleasure. I say don’t change anything unless you are inspired to do so! (I’m not so much with the planning either; I think it’s fresher that way.) xx

  54. shannon

    Honestly, I don’t read as many blogs anymore. I’ve noticed the need for space, too. I’ve been CLEARING a lot over the past few years – and especially now with photos on my phone, my basement, my email inbox… Ahh…and I love what you say about needing to make space but you don’t know what it’s for yet. Exactly. I do love your blog though – the simplicity and authenticity is what brings me back. xo

  55. Karin A


    I just found your blog (a happy accident!) and I fell in love with it from the beginning. Your words and photos are so beautiful. I can’t wait until I can find time to browse through older posts too.

    I like a good mixture of posts about life, blogging, healing, photography (what ever you feel like writing about). And links and interviews are always nice/interesting!

  56. Gerri

    1. Why do you come here?
    You inspire me…I now sell vintage cameras because of you. ;)
    2. Are there any topics you’d like me to muse more on? Not sure…I’m already soaking in what you muse about. ;)

    3. Are you digging my one-and-only blog feature, the Friday link posts? And the occasional interviews? I really enjoy the Friday links. :)

  57. Shandi

    1. Why do you come here?

    I come because I like the quiet beauty of your writing. Even if you’re just musing about simple, every-day things, there is a depth, an authenticity and an introspective quality to your posts that is quite engaging.

    I also like your photos and the ethereal touch that you give them.

    2. Are there any topics you’d like me to muse more on? More about blogging, perhaps. Or writing. Or healing. Or photography?

    I’d say writing, blogging and photography. I’m super eagerly awaiting Blogging From The Heart. Your podcast on World’s Biggest Summit was a good foretaste.

    3. Are you digging my one-and-only blog feature, the Friday link posts? And the occasional interviews?

    The Friday posts are good, but I prefer the interviews. It’s great to hear other creative girls’ stories.

  58. catherine

    i come here because i find this a very healing space. beautiful artwork, sharing stories of your little sweet nephew, the love inside your soul is all over this blog.. and it’s very present in your words. i can’t wait to read your book.

  59. Angela Vular

    Your blog is the first one listed in my favorites and the one I check in daily no matter what. I have been reading your blog for several years and absolutely love it. I love your writing style, hearing about what you’re up to, seeing your beautiful photos, and especially taking your on line classes (unravelling was amazing)!!! I would love to learn more about photography and writing. I did sign up for your latest class…can’t wait!! I also enjoy your weekend links. It’s all good. Keep doing what you are doing and I’ll be here reading away like a dear old friend.

  60. michelle gd

    i come to your blog for the lovely photography and the “whatever’s on your mind today” writing. it’s perfectly authentic and i do so enjoy it.
    i love any and all of your musings…honestly.

    i do enjoy your friday links, although – for me, personally – i feel overwhelmed by them sometimes. i’ve had to learn to just be okay with not checking all of them out…sometimes i just can’t make the time to look at any of them. but that’s okay; i can see how some people would love that.

    and i do enjoy the interviews that you do.

    your blog is one of the few blogs that i regularly read. please continue in a similar spirit…what you share is lovely.


  61. Josephine

    I’ll answer your questions in order:

    1. I stop by this blog (every other day or so) because I love your photography and I find your musings strike a chord with me – I enjoy your ‘voice’. I guess in an odd way, I also stop by to make sure you’re ok ;-) The little updates on Noah are welcome as he’s only a couple of months older than my own son!

    2. I like the current balance of musings, but I am particularly interested in the photography side of things – looking forward to the book coming out!

    3. I especially love the Friday links. Lots of gold there… great for ‘breaks’ while I’m at work ;-)

    Susannah, you’ve created a beautiful space here and I’m grateful for all that you give of yourself :-)

  62. Gina

    I come here because I heal with watching others heal. It gives me strength & hope. Your words, I enjoy that you can be so open to the world. transparent, vulnerable and yet it makes you whole, real…something that would cause me to break out in a sweat & severe panic attacks if I tried. Of course your pretty pictures too. :)

  63. katrina

    i love your blog, susannah. i enjoy your weekly links for the weekend, your insights, stories, and most of all, your polaroids and photos of your adorable little man, Noah.

  64. Belle

    1. I read a lot of blogs by women who seem to literally do it all. They’re moms and wives and they somehow have time to craft and bake and have a career and, as if to add insult to injury, manage to have an immaculate home. I was really feeling less than when I came across your “Can we just be honest?” post and it really struck a cord. I thought, “This is the kind of blog I aspire to have.” Your work is real. It’s honest. And that’s why I visit.
    2. I would like more of your perspective on all of those topics.
    3. I love your Friday links!

  65. Natalia

    Hi Susannah,
    Your blog would surely make a top 5 of my presonal favorites. I’m so grateful to you for the lessons of honesty, for sharing your healing journey, for the vision that you make tangible – your photos tell stories and convey the atmosphere. Not to mention your writing – the way you write resonates to me in a very deep level. and like in the mirror I recognise myself, my experiences and I learn a lot from what you share.
    Your weekly links post is something I’m really looking forward to every week.
    As many others here I’d just ask you to keep doing what you do, it really means a lot. And though you never met me and I’ve never taken your courses (yet!!!) you are very dear to me.
    Thank you and the very best of luck to you!
    Kazan, Russia

  66. Dorothy Lemoult

    I love the friday links!!
    I read your blog because I love the photos, I love your tone and I love your story.

  67. Babu

    Hello host of this gorgeous weblog! Inside me, I am divided. I am a mother, so I read soulemama.com to get inspirations for my family life. And I read your blog… just for me.
    I am a writer, I have a deadline on my first book which will be published in April 2012. I occasionally take photos, so I enjoy your wonderful mixture of photos, family life (occasionally), and being on one’s own. Being on your own path. Please continue with your “mixture” of themes and pictures, I will gladly continue reading. All the best for you!

  68. Amanda

    I come here for healing, your posts on vulnerability/imperfection/not judging yourself through the bad days, your writing, Friday links.

    Thank you!

  69. Nic

    1. I come here because I loved your style of writing and photography and I loved taking part in the unravelling course. I also like to read about your life and daydream about the day when I will be able to quit the classroom and go out and teach people the things that I love rather than just what is on the NC.

    2. ‘More about blogging, perhaps. Or writing. Or healing. Or photography?’ all and any of them

    3. Loving the friday links posts, they’ve become part of my weekend routine now.

  70. Sarah

    1. Why do I come here?
    Because I love everything about your blog. The words, the photographs, the design, the style, the honesty – all of it.

    2. Are there any topics you’d like me to muse more on? More about blogging, perhaps. Or writing. Or healing. Or photography?
    I think you should write about anything you want. Like you said – you write about anything that’s on your mind. I think it would be good if you write more about healing and photography…. oh, and Noah, of course!

    But feel free to write about whatever you want. I like the Friday links posts… it’s major time-suckage, but such fun!

    Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’, for as long as you still enjoy it.


  71. Marisa Anne

    I come here because you are my friend xoxo

  72. jane (faerian)

    i come here because i like you – this place is full of radiant honest beautiful flawed-perfection… you are generous and loving (with us and yourself) and funny and kind and i love your somethingfortheweekends and your art work… there is something of the ahhhhh factor here which is difficult to quantify but it is here and makes me breathe a little more gently x

  73. Nathalie

    You’re my dose of Britishness, which I miss very much since I came back to France. Your words are always well put and you’re complex without getting confused. I can identify with you in general and I particularly find myself in your esthetic (a mix between minimalism and Kath Kidstonish/ kitchy attraction -yes that mug with Diana and Charles).

    I’d be really receptive to photography centered posts. Who inspires you? (links to Flickr or blogs) What types of cameras do you prefer? Composition? etc. I like also the writing, do you have books that inspired you?

    Friday link posts are really nice to browse through, I sometimes think there are too many links tho as it takes time to read through all of it. Also I liked some interviews, although maybe you could vary its form sometimes (phone interview?).


  74. sushi lover

    1. i love coming here because of you, it’s like having a coffee with a good friend, interesting talk, deep feelings!

    2. you can write about whatever you want, it’s your blog! blogging, writing, healing, photography, all great!

    3. actually not a big fan, because they’re all great links so I get dispersed!! but that’s my fault, i’ve seen great things through your links.

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