In need of some crafty relief

I needed some new dividers in my business Filofax. I call it my business Filofax because apart from holding my diary and all my notes for different projects, it makes me feel more business-like. I treated myself to an afternoon working in a cafe last week, pretending to be all location independent. But the truth is I work better when I’m at home, where I’m surrounded by the things that keep me anchored in my life. Where it’s quiet. But once in a while it’s good to get out there, and without the distraction of the internet i got two hours of work done alongside a very sweet mocha and a slice of apple cake.

But I digress.

A while back I invested in a metal hole-punch from Filofax. It cost far more than I wanted to spend on such an item, but it’s proved to be invaluable — I have a tendency to make notes on random bits of paper so being able to punch holes in them and file them in my Filofax is so helpful. It’s the little things, non? I do my serious writing in Scrivener and use Evernote obsessively (so good!), but nothing can beat a bit of paper and a pen. Nothing.

So with the aforementioned hole-punch in one hand and a pile of papers in the other I made some new dividers. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to play with glue and scissors! On one I stuck lines from a poem I had written, and on the other a poem by Carol Ann Duffy. I tried not to be too perfectionist about it and just paired up paper that seemed to go well together.

My business Filofax is now looking decidedly more crafty… and I really like it.

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  1. Christian @ Eskimo Kiss

    These are such beautiful photos! Love all the vintage craft supplies! I’ve neglected my crafts, need to get back to it.

  2. jane (faerian)

    you just bloody rock. it is now official.

  3. natalea

    just lovely! love the cafe photo. crafty time = happy time!

  4. Michele Fischer

    Love this! I agree there is nothing like paper and pen and I obsessively collect notebooks! I love pretty little notebooks to hold my latest words. I love the great photos!

  5. Lesley Myrick

    I love these dividers Susannah! A little craftiness makes mundane tasks a lot more fun. :)

  6. elizabeth

    This is exactly what I needed to see, today. Am in the midst of a total revamp/upgrade of my filing system (you know, the non-existent one that currently consists of a drawer that I throw everything into) and THIS inspires me!! Thanks, punky!

  7. Christine

    Lovely idea! Sometimes working away at cutting, pasting and playing with paper is downright meditative.

    (Is that first one Stevie Nicks?)
    (What kind of lip balm is in the last one?)
    (So nosey.)

  8. Roxanne

    Pretty. And, yes, you do rock.

  9. Thursday

    I have one of those Filofax metal hole-punchers too and was ridiculously pleased with myself when I bought it. It reminds me of days gone by – business trips, endless meetings, scratchy suit collars, the smell of shoe polish, gathering notes and feeling like I was winging it.

  10. Carol

    Excellent idea :-)

  11. Angeliki

    That’s so pretty! It’s so therapeutic to indulge in our crafty side and exercise our aesthetics. I’m a Filofax addict and this post gave me some good ideas to personalize it.

  12. susannah

    nope, not Stevie Nicks — just a model from a vintage Vogue :) and this is the lipbalm: — so good!

  13. michelle gd

    oh, what fun! i’m just settling into my new filofax and feeling like it’s not quite “there” yet. perhaps i need a little fix like this.
    some craft time in a cafe sounds dreamy…so does the apple cake!

  14. angie

    Ooh, stationery *strokes screen* – I’d never even thought about the whole hole-punch/make your own pages thing – I may have to dig out my old filofax!

  15. Melissa Jaine

    Oh my, Scrivener looks *awesome*.
    Makes me want to write something! ;)
    And you’ve given me an idea I might start with your photography course – providing I get in!!

  16. Kathryn

    those dividers look awesome, inspired me when I saw them the other day but I didn’t know what to do with that inspiration, now I’m making a cover for my book folder. :)

  17. BougieHippie

    What do you do with all this stuff after you are done?

  18. susannah

    use it. enjoy it. put the rest in a box for next time :)

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