Something for the weekend

This week I discovered Found (above and below), the stationery mothership in Bath

Why writers should meditate

I love how Brian captured the light of the Indian summer

[Video] Pam’s take on the perils of  ‘compare and despair’ really spoke to me this week

Sinking into autumn with spiced apple cider and red wine chocolate cake (also: pear & almond chocolate cake with cider glaze FTW!)

This series of photos enchanted me (via Photo Jojo)

Have you seen Jane’s inspired new offfering?

6 So-Called Rules for the Creative Badass Woman

I love Ada’s outfit!

I didn’t want to love it, but the new iPhone 4S is tempting me ;)

Put your passwords on speed dial (via Patti)

How to Read More: A Lover’s Guide

Loving Alicia’s new series of photos, and Mia’s Polaroids always touch my heart (also: these and these)

This is so cool! (via Chris)

I want to go fragrance shopping in NYC

Bookshelf p0rn (via Bea)

I want one of these quilts so badly it hurts

Learning to Take Up the Space You Deserve

I was interviewed over on this week

And finally, this blog makes me chuckle

Enjoy! xo

8 responses
  1. Rhianne

    i was very excited to see your interview on Lomography :) its great

    also red wine chocolate cake? it actually sounds too good to be true!

  2. Joolz Benner

    thanks for taking the time to gather these wonderful links for us, it’s thoroughly appreciated :)
    have a super weekend x

  3. Nina

    Ah, kantha quilts! These ones are fairly traded (not sure about international shipping):
    I’m sure I’ve seen kantha quilts on UK fairtrade sites but right now I can’t find many. Here’s one place that has them and also little kantha purses:
    Also this:

  4. Pamela Slim

    Thank you so much for sharing my video! I have never had the delight to visit your site until today. I am enraptured.

    My Dad is a writer and photographer, so I have been raised close to cameras.

    I look forward to following your work.

    All the best,


  5. Eileen

    I too, love the wonderful kantha style quilts and if your searching out the options please visit my site at and see the ones I got from Jaipur in march. They are fantastic.

  6. jane

    FUCKADUCK there i am – oh thank you lovely for your support and part in the genesis of this <3

  7. Tricia

    thanks so much for posting ‘something-for-the-weekend’… so many lovely pictures… interesting post… I love the quilts too…

  8. Gayle L..

    I really didn’t want to fuck a duck but I did come to post a comment here that I have a girl crush on Jane! Your new offering is amazing!

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