Something for the weekend

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the book cover and all your pre-orders! I felt ridiculously nervous about sharing it, so your kindness and enthusiasm was such a joy to receive ~ thank you thank you thank YOU!

Now for some linkie goodness…

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at The World’s Biggest Summit — my very first podcast! The subject is Blogging From The Heart and it’ll give you a taster of my guidebook (coming early next year.) Also featured tomorrow is lovely Rebecca Leigh and… drumroll please… Leonie’s interview with Julia Cameron! So sign up for free today — you’ll be able to access all the other interviews/podcasts/videos too.

“You taste like punishment”

Steve Jobs’ hero was Edwin Land, the man who invented Polaroid cameras = my two favourite geniuses. I think the SX-70 and the iPhone are comparable in their brilliance.

I’m obsessed with butternut squash at the moment:: risotto :: crusted butternut squash

First ever Renegade Craft Fair in London

From sweet Jenny Bee: 6 fool-proof ways to make a difference

[VIDEO] “You can’t get to wonderful without passing through alright” (via Michael)

Do you know Amy? The four hungers that drive you

The 2012 Poladarium is a must-have (and these Kindle covers)

[DIY] Washi tape wrapping paper

Digging into Eric’s wonderful new (and free) book: 50 ways to Leave Your Karma (see also his interviews here and here)

Can’t wait to give this a try: how to make your own solid perfume

This video turned me into a Katy Perry fan. No really.

Okay, if that’s not your cup of tea, check out this fabulous music Looks like the tracks have been removed. Bummer. Try this instead

10 things you didn’t know about light & 10 ways to show yourself some love

I love it when famous people write their own blog posts — and write it from the heart

You can call me a geek if you like (it would be true) but how fantastic does this film look? RDJ + Thor = WIN

Loving these photos of Paul & Joanne (via Gala) and these post-apocalypic zombie-slaying family pics are inspired

Have you seen Marisa’s lovely new fabric?

And finally, registration for my first ever Photo Meditations class opens TOMORROW at 9am BST for aussies/kiwis/that side of the world and 4pm BST/11 EDT/8PDT for everyone else. I hope you can join me :)

Enjoy! xo

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  1. Marthe

    Thank you for the awesome links! I now have lots of open windows and some exciting reading for this evening!

  2. Kerianne

    Hi Susannah,

    Thank you for the links…congrats on the book, beautiful cover!

    The music link didn’t work and i’m itching for some new music :(


  3. susannah

    Noooo! they must have removed the tracks — what a bummer :(

  4. Nina

    Lovely links as usual! Thanks especially for the 6 ways to make a difference. I might have A Plan brewing… If you love butternut squash, try a crown prince. They’re sort of duck-egg colour on the outside and the skins are so hard they last for months (looking beautiful on a shelf, say). Peeling is a nightmare but ooh it’s tasty on the inside. Riverford have bargainous 7kg squash boxes for £7.95! I’ve got pretty squashes lined up along the kitchen counter right now.

  5. Susan

    That video was hilarious! (I hadn’t seen it!) I LOVE the teddy bear armor in the Zombie pictures, just too cute! Have a great weekend!

  6. Christina Rosalie

    Oh good! I have been ADORING the Worlds Biggest Summit and you are PERFECT for it…you always inspire me….plus, listening to that accent just makes me happy, girl. :) So excited by all the lovely things you have going on around here of late. xox, C

  7. Steven Andrew

    Too many open tabs right now, oh man! lol
    Great links and congrats on the cover! :) Good luck too!

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