Something for the weekend

This is my 20th Something for the weekend :) If you ever want to refer back to the others they are saved under the ‘inspiration‘ category over there in the sidebar —-> (hint: it’s in the I write about list)

This is my new mantra (see also: this and this )

Robert Downey Jr’s is my favourite

Finding strength in gentleness

[Video] Jen Louden & Brene Brown in conversation!

I love foxes the best

Want to sleep in a spaceship? — !!

I like Camilla’s candy

About to download this journal app

Jennifer Collier’s paper creations

Squash, apple & quinoa crumble :: butternut squash roasted with sage & coconut

This is epic: 106 excuses that prevent you from ever becoming great

Tarkovsky’s Polaroids ( i have this book and it’s lovely)

To know your true value (ironically followed by: the $100 milllion productivity tip)

Lipbalm + Christmas flavours = win

This is why Susan is my guru

Be sure to check out Lisa’s new Sway project

I’m thinking it’s unlikely i’ll score one of these on eBay: Golden Cartier Polaroid cameras

Photographer’s mittens!

Crunchy Betty’s top 10 remedies for everything

And finally, a little bird tells me that registration for the Creative Joy retreat will be opening next week — first dibs go to the mailing list, so if you’d like to join me, Jen Louden and Marianne Elliott next June for five days of inspiration, rejuvenation and JOY, hop on the mailing list now :)

EnJOY! xo

9 responses
  1. EMC

    I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I did a retreat with you. (I’m sure that’s as weird for you as it was for me — probably weirder…) As NY is out of my budget atm, I’ll have to settle for just dreaming about the Creative Joy retreat. ;)

  2. susannah

    LOL! i dream about bloggers I read all the time — totally normal :D

  3. Roxanne Galpin

    I like Camilla’s candy too. And that spaceship treehouse? Totally cool! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  4. Steven Andrew

    That fox.. is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I have to see some myself – they’re gorgeous!
    Those mittens for photographers.. GENIUS! :)

  5. thea

    Those mittens are so cool! Have a great weekend love. xo

  6. Anna

    lol, the ‘words to live by’ images made me chuckle :)

  7. Kaspalita

    Thanks for sharing, some very cool links…

  8. Kaspalita

    Tarkovsky’s images are beautiful

  9. Cecilia

    This is a hell of a list! I’m just finding your blog and I love it :)

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