Things I want to remember

His current list of words:

moo cow
nana (banana)
choo choo
hey-koo (thank you)
one.. two…
Stee (Steve)
Maia (the cat)

[updated to add some words we forgot and some new ones!]

no (obviously)
beep beep
boing boing
let’s go <—- how cool is this one?

Now listen to this slice of magic:


His mummy has been teaching him to say Susie but he’s still finding the “soo” and the “zee” sounds a bit hard ;-)

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  1. bella

    Oooh. How sweet is that?
    Little dude is adorable! I bet it won’t be long until he squeals out Susie :)

  2. Emmy van Swaaij

    What a wonderful post! very cute!!! that voice! priceless!

  3. Rhiannon

    Oh my – I love the sound of little voices as they just start to get to grips with words. My little nephew’s first “sentence” ever was to me, on getting a bright red car – ” Canaan ( well, Rhiannon is a hard one too ) – car – nice “

  4. Lisa R Charles

    That’s so adorable. I remember my kids first words, the memories are priceless!

  5. Debbie

    How wonderful to have a recording of Noah’s early words!

    My son was a one man demolition expert, into everything from the moment he could walk. His first word was, unsurprisingly enough, ‘No’. It was probably the one he heard the most!

  6. Julie

    That is soooo sweet! I love it!

  7. Catherine Just

    That is the sweetest audio I have EVER heard!! Precious! Max isn’t talking yet – with his speech delay but he uses sign language ( has over 100 signs ! ) and I felt as much thrill at video taping his signs as you did with this recording of his voice. Isn’t it AMAZING to see them learn and grow. It trips me out completely. Knocks me over every time.

  8. Helen Watson-Jones

    I’m dying to know what his made up word for your name is. In our family we still call each other by the names my brother gave everyone when he was small, when he couldn’t say our real names. Mine was ‘Sissy’, i dont think i’ve ever heard him call me Helen and hes 26 now!
    Until my Father died he was ‘Grangrad’ as thats what my daughter called him. Sausages are still called ‘sausing’ and “pardon?” is still “kwigwee?” People on the outside must think were nuts!

  9. Ruth

    That is so cute. It’ll be great to listen to that in the future when he’s older as you forget those sorts of things so quickly. Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Susan

    So sweet! My first nanny job the youngest girl was toddler and she couldn’t say Susie, so she called me eee-eee.

  11. Paty

    Oh my God… that’s so sweet… and funny…
    As an aunt of four I can tell you… this you will always remember…
    A big hug from Mexico

  12. Wayfaring Wanderer

    Talk about melting my heart! Oh my word, that was so sweet.

    What a great idea to record the interaction! I’ll have to keep that in mind.


  13. An

    Awww, that’s so sweet!

  14. kathleen

    So precious! LOVE

  15. Roxanne Galpin

    How sweet! I cannot get over how much he’s grown! xo

  16. Christian

    Heart. Warming! I think my 1 yo nephew said “kitty” yesterday…. of course no body believed me:)

  17. Annette

    Beautiful!!! The giggles, capture his giggles if you can. I remember wanting to bottle them when my littlest niece was two. The sweetest music!

  18. Karen

    That is really sweet. It is really amazing that you thought about making a list and doing a record on him learning to speak. This memory will always put a smile in my face. I like the idea and thank you for sharing.

  19. tracy herndon carhart

    makes me so reminiscent of my little ones. yes, enjoy him at every stage, every moment.

  20. Kathryn

    this is heartmeltingly cute

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