Be back soon

There are some weeks i wish i could hang a ‘be back soon’ sign on the door of my blog, so that all the souls who pass by would know that there’s good stuff a’brewing in the radio silence. Photo Meditations is taking its first wobbly steps into the world! x

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  1. Lisa R Charles

    I totally agree with you, Susannah and from now on I’ll do just that, hang a sign up on mg blog ;-)

  2. Sandie Cottee

    What a wonderful thought – I’d love the world to stand still occasionally so I can catch up. I LOVE the photo!

  3. amy

    As a participant, let me just say that those first steps of Photo Meditations don’t feel wobbly at all!

  4. Roxanne Galpin

    xoxo … we’ll be here when you get back ….

  5. Galina

    enjoying all the things about the Photo Meditations.
    keep talking one step at a time. slowly…

  6. Suzie

    Susannah, there is nothing wobbly about photo meditations, you have created a fabulous course – it’s striding purposefully into the world :) xo

  7. EMC

    Noooooooooo. Glad PM is going well, but will miss your blog. Best of luck, EMC

  8. Angela Vular

    Loving Photo Meditations! If you feel you need a blog break…take one. I’ll wait til you get back!! On second thought…I’ll be taking photos til you get back!

  9. Helen Watson-Jones

    I love the idea of the ‘be back soon sign’ I have been inspired to wonder around our town an take photos of these signs, some are very simple, some decorated and some funny (especially the ones where they have gone to great lengths to explain why they have left you dangling) I will be putting them on my blog whenever I’m ‘unavaliable for comment’ Thank you for the idea!!

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