I will not be beaten down

I will not be beaten down by my hormones, by the sinister slippery way they convince me I’m not worthy.
I will not be beaten down by time, by the rush and the panic and never-enough.
I will not be beaten down by my own expectations, by thinking I should be something when I already am so much.
I will not be beaten down by others’ expectations, by how their judgments of my situation reveals more about theirs.
I will not be beaten down by my inner critic, for it is only fear that comes out of her mouth.
I will not be beaten down by that fear, by how I purposely trip myself up when things are going well.
I will not be beaten down by the shoulds, because that way disappointments lies.
I will not be beaten down by the past, because it no longer needs to define my future.
I will not be beaten down by myself, because when all is said and done, I am my greatest ally.

* This Polaroid is one of the three featured on the cover of my book :)

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  1. Jo

    You will be held up by your big, big heart and your friends who adore you :)


  2. sushi lover

    :D Exactly! Be strong!

  3. Mel

    Can I sign this manifesto somewhere? I would seriously.

  4. Sarah

    Awww hon..that was beautiful! I love that I find your posts on Twitter. Huge hugs to you, Sarah

  5. celine

    hell yeah!
    so very inspired

  6. Zarina Ávila

    Pure poetry! You’re right: We are our best allies!

  7. Catalina

    love this!!!!!!

    when all that comes to me……i just breath!


  8. Catalina

    and the picture is lovely! lot of beauty together

  9. patti scanlon

    Thanks to you I will not be beaten down either. much love to you.

  10. Meg Manion Silliker

    words to live by. words to remember. xoxo

  11. elizabeth

    amen, sister.

    words I need (dare I say we ALL need) to live by.

    oh, and you look pretty today! just saying– xoxo

  12. Helen

    Thank you for this post, very very wise words to live by.

  13. Carrie

    This is why, with or without a camera or pen in my hand… you will always be my teacher. Thank you for this, Susannah. You are such a ROCK STAR!!

  14. Barbara

    me, too, I want to sign this manifiesto…I suffer PMS, too and it´s becoming worse with the years (I am 38 now)…thank you for sharing this!
    The last month it was so bad I almost suffered a nervous breakdown.

  15. blueberry

    I love this! It’s exactly what I need to be reminded of more often! I’m going to write this on a sheet of paper and put it in a frame on my wall! Thank you so much! :)

  16. LaToya


  17. michelle



  18. Kinga Subject

    I so needed this. All of it! Thank You!

  19. Christian

    Perfect!!!! Beautiful.

  20. Nina


  21. Sweet Life Farm

    Oh Yes! I so needed to read those first two sentences! Thank YOU!

  22. Roxanne Galpin

    Love this. And what a beautiful pic.

  23. Jill Kane

    thanks for this, susannah :) i, too, really needed to read this today. some days are, well, just some days. . . not so great. i love the part about being your best ally. that is to be treasured :) xoxox

  24. Meg Roper

    You are speaking for many of us here! Gorgeous photo, by the way. Virtual hugs.

  25. Catherine Just

    This is Stunning. The words, the photo, everything about it. Stunning. Breathtaking. Raw. Real. I’m posting it on my blog with a link back to this website. I want even MORE people to see this. Love to you sweetness.

  26. michelle gd

    susannah, this is touching and raw and beautiful. such power in your words…so good to come to this today. the photo is lovely as well.
    my goodness…

  27. Colette

    Gosh, I love this picture and I am so moved by these words. LOVE love LUV

  28. Juli

    So beautiful, Susannah.

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