Instant Love: the cover

I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that I have two books coming out next year. I mean, I did the work. I sat in this chair I am sitting in now and wrote for MONTHS. I shot the images. I pulled out every thread of myself for my book and collaborated with two women I admire so much for the other. And yet, as we get closer to 2012 and the final birthing of the books, I still can’t quite believe it. I’m almost embarrased to have two books coming out — it’s seems so greedy. But that’s just the way it happened. A little bit of serendipity spirinkled on a ton of hard work.

In this age of online magic having a paper book in your hands could be considered rather quaint, but after centuries of the written word, i don’t think they’ll be dying out any time soon. If anything, my Kindle makes me appreciate my paper books even more.  I love watching my nephew playing on his mummy’s iPad but his favourite is still a paper book about tractors.

I got a nice surprise this morning when I noticed the covers of the books had been added to their Amazon listings. It’s a pleasure to be able to finally show you the cover of Instant Love. It’s a book for anyone who loves Polaroids and photography and we hope it will inspire you to go exploring with your cameras!

Instant Love back cover

Some stats:
The book will be hardcover
Publication date: May 16th, 2012
Price: $18.95 (£11.99) but you can pre-order it on right now for $10.76 (£9.23)

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  1. iHanna

    Congratulations Susannah, what a beeeeeutiful book cover. I have never taken a photo with a polaroid camera but I still want to read your beautiful book.

    Yay you!

  2. anna

    love that cover! congrats on 2 awesome accomplishments!!

  3. Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

    Way to go, congratulations.

  4. Helen Watson-Jones

    Gorgeous Cover! and it’ll jump right out at you on the shelves, wonderful!

    Two books is a huge achievement,well done you. Having written a book myself I know the writing hours,mental angish and roller-coaster emotions that go along with it and oh the time it takes to reach the final goal! Two is outstanding, I wish you every success


  5. Zarina Ávila

    Beautiful!! Congratulations!! I want one of this book!! i will can buy from colombia?

  6. Steven Andrew

    Way to go! That’s so awesome, I’ll definitely be buying the Polaroid book! :)

  7. Fiona

    I spied this on amazon and danced a little dance, it’s so gorgeous :)

  8. Briana Morrison

    So exciting! The cover looks great!!!!! My Kindle has allowed me to really slim down my book collection and now I only buy paper books if I want to make sure I have them for years to come. I can’t wait to add your books to my shelves!

  9. Libby

    Congratulations! Instant photography is something I’ve yet to dabble in but I don’t know that I’ll be able to resist Instant Love.

  10. Susan

    Congrats! I love how you wrapped the pictures around to the back of the cover as well.

  11. Brandy

    Love it Susannah, congratulations! I can’t wait to see it in my hands. xx

  12. Mirka

    Oh my, I can’t wait for May! I need this book! I love your and Amanda’s photographs so much and can’t wait to see more them in this book!

  13. Mirka

    …and of all the excitement, I just pre-ordered your polaroid book! Can’t wait for the sweet surprise in May :)

  14. Karin A

    Oh the cover looks fantastic. I feel very excited about it and you should feel so proud of your self and all the work you’ve done with the books. Books are still the best! :)

  15. jane (faerian)

    brilliant gorgeous huzzah!!!

  16. Sandie Cottee

    How exciting, and well deserved success.

  17. Ashley

    What a fantastic cover! I love it! I’m very excited for both of your books, I can’t wait to have them in my hands and to read them with a cup of tea and my cat.

  18. Gerri

    Both book covers are beautiful!!

  19. Roxanne Galpin

    I LOVE the cover. Congratulations!

  20. Irene Georgiou

    I had a lovely surprise from amazon telling me the release date of my pre-order has been brought forward! Yay, 2 months less to wait!

  21. sam

    This book looks beautiful! I’m not generally interested in and certainly not skilled at photography but this book looks really tempting! P.S It’s not greedy to have two books out – it’s fantastic! Good for you!

  22. Tina Bardenfleth

    You rock!
    Love the cover.

  23. Marisa Anne

    oh! I LOVE the cover!! can’t wait to get it!!

  24. Karen D

    Congrats susannah.. they both look great and I am still a lover of the tangible book in my hand so I can’t wait to hold them!


  25. Laura M.

    Beautiful — so fresh! Both your book covers are absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to see them in person!

  26. Angela Vular

    Just put my pre-order in!! I was cleaning out my basement a few months back and was so surprised that I found my old Polaroid 210. I had totally forgotten that I still had it. You would’ve thought I’d found gold. Now to find film for it. Can’t wait to get your book. The cards are beautiful so I’m sure the book is gorgeous. Congratulations!!!

  27. michelle gd

    oh, yay for you! the cover looks fantastic…can’t wait to get a peek at what’s inside…

  28. susannah

    ohh, thank you so much, Angela!!!

  29. susannah

    thank you so much, Mirka!! :)

  30. ABCcreativity

    Oh my gosh it’s so adorable!
    And I’m so happy for you!

  31. Marianne

    You should be very proud! Incredible work. I think it very impressive to have a hardcopy! Congratulations!

  32. jojo

    congrats! so happy for you cannot wait to see it live in person :)

  33. shannon

    Congratulations! I’m so excited for you!!

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