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I don’t really know how to look after myself. I mean, I try, don’t get me wrong, but these days I seem to be turning into a workaholic. I’m just so flippin’ passionate about what I do i don’t want to slow down. So I’m trying to learn the art of time management — how to work more efficiently so I a) get more done and b) can eek out some down time too. So in the interests of self-care I’m sharing a short SFTW today so I can finish my work in time to catch a train to see my nephew. Two days with Blondie Bear should be enough to reboot my brain ready to get back to my desk on Monday. Boo yah!

Have you seen Amy’s delicious new offering?

Jen’s daughter is my new fashion icon (speaking of Jen, she’s food blogging again!)

Mona Simpson’s beautiful eulogy for her brother Steve Jobs made me cry

Very tempted to get one of these made

Messages from the universe: read this and this on the same day…

Alice Temperley is collaborating with Filofax!

Love these vintage covers for The Phantom Tollbooth

These fan portraits are inspired (warning: music might start playing, so mute if you’re in the office ;)

[Podcast] 5 inspiring things to learn about writing from Kate Grenville

iPad card readers!

Plan to make butternut squash risotto with lemon & pistachios next week (and maybe apple, pomegranate & brussels sprout salad too)

And finally, how so you practice self care? What do you do just for you? And if, like me, you find it hard to do…. do you want to join me in trying to learn how to do it? xo

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  1. An

    Wow, the food looks really delish! Thanks for sharing these awesome yummy websites!
    And right there with ya on the “so much to do and passionate about it all, but I am forgetting myself in the process” front. Learning how to honor my body with rest, healthy foods and *still too little* yoga. Sometimes I just put my alarm to pull me out of my “I’m so immersed in this thing I’m doing right now” flow and remind myself I’ve got to eat. Speaking of which, lunch is already long overdue as I’m writing this. Off to prep myself a yummy salad :)
    Have a wonderful weekend with Blondie Bear!

  2. Vicki

    Good Morning,
    Self care? What’s that? :) I am always caring for someone else, be it human or animal. I am last on that long list.
    I would love to know how to provide myself with that ever elusive “self care” and would love to join you on that journey.
    Ok, I lied a tiny bit. I am taking your Photo meditations class but even then it seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list.

  3. Steven Andrew

    I hope you have a great weekend and find ways to take care of yourself. Sometimes I wish I could be completely hard working and have that be a passion, but I find myself procrastinating and putting things off sometimes. I don’t like that.. but I guess I wouldn’t love being in your situation either. There’s got to be a middle, we just got to find it! Hah.

  4. sarah echo

    Thank you for the links! As always, so much yumminess there.

    As for self care…no, I definitely don’t do enough of that. My entire being is focused on other people and making them happy. To spend time on myself feels selfish. I know that this attitude it totally wrong, so YES I would love to learn how to practice self care with you!!

  5. Rebekah

    Running is my therapy and meditation, and the primary way I take care of my mind. I can’t tell you how many issues I’ve “unraveled” while on a treadmill or running a trail. So hard, but so good.

  6. Sandie Cottee

    Agh… a woman of my won heart. I am also a workaholic and a perfectionist so understand the pull to keep going. I have learnt to play hard and work hard, and I don’t always get a good balance but I don’t give up trying! I find creativity is one of the ways I care for myself as I find it relaxing and a way to immerse in the unconscious. Unless that is, I am under pressure to complete something or have other things that get in the way of me having me-time. Other ways I try and look after myself is to cook nice meals (I have an inkling you already do that) and when I need to focus on something, especially if it is something I am resisting, I set a timer so that I know there is an end in sight.
    I’d love to join you in improving my self care. I’d like to be more active and fitter, but most the things I love are sedatary or gentle (computer, reading, creative work, photography). This means activity sometimes needs to be planned and there always seems to be something more pressing, be it work or pleasure! I have a Wii fit machine and that is fun when I get round to setting it up, but I have to be in the mood otherwise my impatience to start something else gets in the way. Enjoy your weekend. Time with friends & family is generally top of my list and a residential creative retreat ticks all my boxes!

  7. Fiona

    the trick I find is finding out what you want at that moment. Sometimes it’s reading, writing, a dvd, a walk, but you need to listen first. I take ten minutes and it usually becomes clear. Good luck on the journey, I’m sure I’ll learn something :)

  8. michelle gd

    self- care? what is that?! well, okay, i’m trying…daily yoga practice (however short) and a bit of self-expression via my new blog…also unravelling!!!!
    but i feel like i’m floundering…

    would i want to join you in trying to learn how to do it? absolutely!

  9. Marthe

    I wrote this huge post about self-care when you’re busy, where I gathered all the tips and experience I could muster!

    Find it here (hope it’s okay that I link, I’m not a spammer, promise):

  10. Nina

    Ooh, it’s a hard one. I’m a musician/creative-type with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (got ill while at music college). So this has been my Lesson of the past decade and I still haven’t got it quite right. I also find it’s a battle not only with myself but with others – people are demanding! Saying ‘no’ without guilt is something I strive for, along with remembering to eat and rest, and not giving energy away on pointless stuff.

  11. Amanda

    I so want to learn to do this! I too am both a workaholic and perfectionistic, and i have a habit of completely ignoring the signals my body sends me. The trouble is, i don’t enjoy the things I think might recharge me, I get bored doing them, so I give up and go back to doing the stuff I love, but with disasterous effects on my health. But I do want to change this pattern, I really do. Xx

  12. Nathalie

    The little girl fashion blog left me perplexed. It is a litlle girl fashion blog. Am I the only one to find it weird before to find it cute? (except the very first photo put on – see p3)
    Also I’m sure you’re very sincere about Amy’s new ebook, but being directed from one blog on ecourses towards another one always feels a bit like sponsorship in disguise. I’m too suspicious.
    The others are great, I’m especially happy to have discovered Modish now! Thanks for that.

  13. Jill

    First and before I forget, Jen’s daughter Eve should be illegal–she’s just too amazing.

    Oh, self-care. I am right there with you. I made a New Year’s resolution this year, having never made one before, to “be a better friend to myself.” I started to do a lot of work towards that end, only to realize that I had been in an abusive relationship for years, maybe my whole life–with myself. I had been smashing myself to bits, so confused and so sad and pushing myself to earn acceptance and love, exhausting myself in the pursuit and performance and pleasing and perfection that I thought would make me worthy.

    Ugh. For months now, I have been taking tiny steps, making little changes, but honestly, I have been mostly doing the necessary grieving. It’s such tender and deep sadness, the awareness of what I have been doing, where I have been stuck.

    So for now, the real and true self-care is just to sit with myself, to sit with the devastation and cultivate compassion and forgiveness, let go a little, bit by bit.

    Big hug to you as we both navigate the vast landscape that is our own heart, our own basic goodness and wisdom. Thankfully, there are maps (each week when I get an update from you in my mailbox, it functions as one piece of it, helps me take the next step, like a dispatch from the trail ahead–thank you).

  14. Sylvia @ From the Heart

    Thank you so much for yet another lovely list! Wishing you an abundance and delicious self care this weekend.

  15. susannah

    I have amy’s new ebook and I enjoyed it so that’s why I linked to it– no sponsorship involved!

    Jen Altman is a friend of mine and I find her daughter’s little fashion blog utterly charming :)

  16. linden

    Such great links! What am I doing for self care …right now taking your photo course Photo Meditations and Pixie Campbell’s Soulodge Journey. I’m loving both!

  17. Andrea

    I don’t nearly do enough self care these days. I really have a hard time doing anything creative with a messy apartment staring back at me. Trying to get rid of things and clean up, but it feels like two steps forward, two steps back sometimes. I need to not feel guilty for wanting some playtime in the middle of the mess! Enjoy your time with your sister and adorable nephew – can’t believe how big he’s getting!

  18. jane (faerian)

    ooo that book of Amy’s lights up my heart! i can’t wait to earn enough $! Self care for me is multi dimensional… of course Unravelling is part of my self care at the moment… investing in my creativity – with time and energy and courage – that is self care – the nourishment i get from making things is so rich for me… telling the truth to myself and those whom trust is self care, a walk on the beach or in the big trees is self care, as is a good bath, hair brushing, toenail polish, a cuddle with my girls and my furry kids, and good food – this is a long list but i am trying to find many things to use for self kindness – i am very good at self meanness so i need ammo for the side of self care….

  19. Barb

    Taking care of yourself is almost impossible if you are a caretaker type person. i was once a work alcoholic and proud of it. Now my body shows the results of that type of lifestyle. Slow down and enjoy the ride.

  20. Caroline Hancox

    Just followed some of those links and very glad I did. I don’t often comment but read your blog quite a lot. You seem to be able to make me cry and laugh. I just read you happy/shit post at work – not a good idea! Had to hide the bleary eyes! (although I have been known to cry at practically anything so maybe its just me!

    Congratulations on your books x

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