Something for the weekend

I went to bed on Tuesday feeling weird and promptly woke up the next morning with some sorta illness that doesn’t have a name — it’s a mash-up of the flu, tonsillitis and a migraine. FUN! I’m off to the doctor’s in an hour to see if she can do anything for me. However, I am so committed to my Friday posts there was no way I was going to let this one go by…. plus it’s 11/11/11, so consider this your little reminder to make a wish :)

[video] This incredible video has been everywhere and for good reason

Loving Jen Causey’s new calender

Such a simple and sweet idea: the Twitter Key Project

Incredible shots of clouds at 20,000 feet

“I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants, learning as I go. It’s frightening, really. But it’s fantastic.”

[video] This cheered me up (via jennifer)

A lust for life (via Katie)

So cute! Dinner plate landscapes

Film photography crash course

Loving Shanna & Nikole’s desktop wallpaper

I heart Studio Morran (see also: my interview with Morran’s mum)

Have you seen Kelly Rae and Beth’s new soulful biz course? I’ll be sharing my tips on how to make awesome e-courses in week seven

If, like me, you find ads on the internet annoying, check this out (via keri)

[music] a beautiful song

And finally, i’m back from the doctor with a jar of penicillin and a House season six box set. That should sort me out. Be well everyone! xo

11 responses
  1. michelle gd

    precious photo :)
    can’t wait to check out the links…
    and, feel better soon!!!!

  2. Carol Nunan

    Get better soon Susannah.

  3. Juli

    Thanks for doing “Something for the weekend” even when you’re under the weather. I love this post and review it each week. I always find something that delights, or inspires, or provokes wonder. How nice is that on a weekend. That, or a six box set of House! That’s pretty great, too! Hope you’re feeling better, soon!

  4. Steven Andrew

    These links are awesome, especially the film photography one. I’m really trying to learn film.
    Hope you feel better!

  5. Joolz Benner

    you need to take very good care of yourself now! be gentle and be your own best friend, i know how difficult that is, but you do not want this thing lingering. thank you so much for putting your limited energy into this post for us. enjoy house :) x

  6. Tara@Aquamarine

    That murmuration video made me feel really weepy! In a good way. Wishing you a very quick recovery (yay for box sets!) and a cosy weekend.

  7. Rebekah

    Feel better!

  8. Nina

    Erm, your doctor gives out medical drama DVDs?? ;-)

    That Murmuration video is fantastic. Apparently Brighton Pier is a good place to see starlings doing that – I really want to catch it some day. There are starlings around here and I do wonder where they go to … ? murmurate?

  9. Catherine Just

    Oh Feel Better sweetness. It seemed quiet over there and Now I know why. I hope you have a very pampered weekend and you are back at it very soon. Much love. *c

  10. Kelly

    LOVE your blog, LOVE your Unraveling Course. Love your spirit.
    As a nurse – must say – they answer is – drink water, lots of it, til you swish. It will flush this bug out and heal all that ails you – headache, muscle aches, dry mouth – water – it’s the simple answer.. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  11. patty

    just had surgery this week-your post cheered me up and made my day!

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