Something for the weekend

I enjoy shooting with my analogue cameras, digital cameras and my iPhone equally — it’s all about creating images and recording moments for me — so when Annie Leibovitz pulled out her iPhone I gave a whooop of joy. Decades of photographic snobbery crumbling right there!

[video] this is why I love Miranda July: A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted

These body mosaics are amazing (and check out these collages)

[video] this stop-motion video made from jelly beans reminds me of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer (still the best!)

Loved Jamie’s post about how she planned the year ahead (related: Clare’s tips for creating a one-page biz plan)

[more video!] Foxes jumping on a trampoline (via Angie)

Want! Vintage cameras turned into nightlights

I am loving this 404 error page

These are impressive, and a little creepy: Back to the future II

Also impressive: the 24-hour Flickr mountain

Melody Miller fabric

Bought this lovely fabric (above) to make some cushions and then discovered the fabric’s super-talented designer follows me on Twitter — i mean, what are the odds? So everybody, meet Melody Miller. Melody, meet everybody!

How about this place for a magical getaway?

The perfect Christmas present for the man in your life: Beard hats!

Van life

So pleased with my leather iPad cover! Would make a great pressie

Thinking about making an Instagram calender

Currently burning this gorgeous scented candle

[music] Call Your Girfriend a cappella

Lego jelly moulds

And finally, I saved the best video for last: Marcel the Shell with shoes on is back!

Enjoy! xo

11 responses
  1. Britt Bravo

    You’re always such a good content curator, Susannah. Thanks for all the great links.

  2. sarah echo

    Oh, oh, oh! That Van Life post made me swoon! Thank you for the amazing links!

  3. Nina

    How had I not seen Marcel before? Thank you so much for sharing that, it’s genius! Are you all better now? Hope you’ve got a restful weekend planned.

  4. Irene

    And another little something for the weekend, one more email from Amazon bring the release date of your Pola book forward again! Yay!

    Also loving Miranda July, re-reading her short stories at the mo, have to hide all other distractions before doing so though, tweezers included!

  5. Rachel Nixon

    I read this every week in my google reader- just wanted to say thanks, I always look forward to reading your weekly round-up :)

  6. angie

    These are great! I always make sure I have a big mug of tea before settling down to these links. (Knew you’d love those bouncy foxes) x

  7. jane (faerian)

    oh those past and present photos somehow make me want to shower… and that mountain of flickr photos had me nodding and cringing all at once… thank you – very thought prodding! x

  8. Mary Leach

    Wow–That jellybean video blew me away. I love to see how these crazy, amazing videos are made.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful links. I can’t wait to check more of them out as the week begins.

    Have a wonderful week.

  9. art and lemons

    Oh I needed this list today—the Miranda July video in particular. Always inspired by the brilliance of her work. (I would probably just drink the juice through a straw and get back to being distracted…)

  10. Karen

    You have this awesome thing in you in finding some good things of which I admire. How I wish I have this kind of talent too. I like the 1st picture above. The lights create a good design with the area.

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