The beauty of Karen

Last week I enjoyed 24 hours of decent health before phlegm-gate started, which was lucky because that’s when Karen and I had arranged to meet at Jamie’s. We’d first met three years ago when she and her wee family were last in the UK visiting relatives, so we had a lot to catch up on — and catch up we did! In that time we’ve both written books, started teaching and built businesses that are manifestations of our hearts, so it was qute something to be able to compare notes and witness how far each other had come. Of course, after lunch we decamped to a Milsom Street bench to take the obligatory portrait-of-the-blogger, something that made us both squirm (okay, maybe I squirmed more — Karen, I’m sorry!), but we got the shots and with a breathless embrace we said our farewells. Just before we parted, we held hands for a moment and Karen told me I seemed happy now. When she’d first met me I’d only just moved to Bath and was getting ready to teach an evening class that would prove to change my life. Those first months here hadn’t been easy, and I remember talking to her about grief in a way that proved it was still so present in my everyday life. So to hear her words last week — for her to have seen and noted the changes in me — was a gift that I’ve been carrying with me ever since. Thank you for that, my friend x

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  1. TJ Wood

    Love these photos! You are two of the most inspirational bloggers I follow and it’s wonderful to see you together. Any plans for the two of you to teach/direct a workshop?

  2. Jet Harrington

    Lovely, lovely photos. I love Karen’s hair short again, and your photos capture exactly the mix of tenderness and badass passion that makes her awesome. Your words remind me how strong a thing it is to be seen. It is good you have this.

  3. EMC

    It’s wonderful to be told how far you’ve come when sometimes you might not be able to see it for yourself. Never underestimate the power of external validation! (And yes, I say that mostly tongue in cheek, but we do need it also). Would love to know about the class that changed your life! Sounds faaaaabulous. :)

  4. susannah

    Edel, it was the first time i taught Unravelling! to a room full of women :)

  5. EMC

    Aha! Must get me some of that. :)

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