A year in photos: January – June

One of the best parts of having a blog is the archives. In April I’ll have been blogging for six years and it’s so wonderful to be able to look back through the archives and see how I’ve changed and evolved. And not just personally — as a photographer I really appreciate being able to see the progression of my eye and style too. Mind you, the last few years haven’t evolved too radically as I’ve settled into my love of squares, both from Polaroids and lately from my iPhone too. It doesn’t surprise me that I’ve shot more photos with my phone than any of my other cameras this year. It’s always with me. It’s easy to download to my computer. It was my constant companion while writing the book — taking little Instagram breaks during the day kept me sane. Plus it’s fast, and considering 90% of my photos in 2011 were of my nephew, you need to be fast!

Inspired by Elizabeth and Shari, here’s my first photographic peek back through 2011.

And here are my photo reviews from 2010 :: 2009 :: 2007






6 responses
  1. elizabeth

    of course I love the photos but I am even more impressed with your incredible ability to edit and choose just one or two from ALL your photos. That, is another really big skill– one I need to develop. xoox, e

  2. Rhianne

    Oh I didn’t think of doing that by month, great idea! I’m looking forward to the next post now.

  3. Gerri

    I love the gentleness and “creamy-ness” of your photos. They draw me in every time. Looking forward to seeing more in your books. xo

  4. Steven Andrew

    That’s what I love about blogging, seeing how you’ve evolved and how your style has changed. I want an iPhone so bad, mainly for Instagram.. I feel like that’s a whole new kind of art form. :)
    I love these photos, especially the shadow one!

  5. sam

    Some beautiful photos …what a great record of your life – just lovely!!

  6. Kathryn

    the light in the second April photo is magical.

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