A year in photos: July – December

This year I’ve written more than I’ve photographed, but with two books to finish and edit and a new course to run, I knew this would be the case. Still, when I don’t take photos for a while I feel out of sorts. Instagram has helped to keep my levels topped up, but I’m ending the year with less photographs taken than the previous four years. Next year I want to change this. If 2011 was all about going inward and crafting words then 2012 will be about going outwards and reconnecting with the world through my lens. More on that in my Word of the Year post…






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  1. Steven Andrew

    Although you didn’t get many photos, these are great! I really should start taking more pictures like this, they’re nice to look back on at the end of the year. :)

  2. Roxanne Galpin


  3. Nina

    I don’t have many photos from this year, but I still have far more than in previous years (got my little digital camera at the end of 2010). I think this gap between Christmas and New Year is a lovely time to sort through them. I might even order some prints to put in my old-school album…

  4. michelle gd

    a lovely collection of images, susannah.
    here’s to more lens time in 2012…

  5. megg

    Happy New Year my friend! I hope that this one is amazing. xoox

  6. Kathryn

    lovely, your photography is always lovely. :)

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