In good company

Skipping around the internet this morning I came across this fantastic site. While I don’t for one second presume to be in the league of these writers, I felt in good company this morning, as I look at the pile of paper on my desk and ready myself for the last of the proofreading.

I suddenly feel the urge to look for vintage typewriters on eBay :)

From the top: Anais Nin, Simone de Beauvoir, Carson McCullers, Jack Kerouac, Richard Ford. Unfortunately there were no photographer credits for these photos, but I couldn’t resist sharing them :)

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  1. Christen Olivarez

    I adore photographs of writers at work. Thank you for sharing these!

  2. Michel Jackson

    Just for fun can you do a B&W self portrait at your desk working on the book and add it to the post? That would be fantastic!

  3. susannah

    Lol! maybe i should buy a pack of cigarettes to make it seem more authentic? :DDD

  4. EMC

    Richard Ford was our visiting writer last year. He made my mind explode. :)

  5. amanda

    we totally have to get a shot of you encapsulating the cool, don’t fuck with me attitude in photo number 3.
    love it!

  6. cococita

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and the link to the blog dear Susannah! A treat to the eye … and I don’t feel that bizarre anymore while looking at their desks :)

  7. Colette

    Susannah be aware of weight if you ever buy a typewriter on ebay. I learned the hard way. Then I bought my baby hermes.

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