Something for the weekend

Brainstorming in my Creative Dream Journal (above) — more on that coming soon

[video] watch this now: Sarah Kay’s incredible spoken word poem

I’m loving Amber’s nature advent calender

These embroidered portraits are amazing!

I was blown away by Susan’s video for the Choose Love Project

How to make a camera strap out of a scarf (also: a wool camera wrap)

[music] Two reasons why i love Thomas Dybdahl (and this)

A poem a day at bentlily

Making this weekend: quinoa, kale and butternut squash salad

All meals should be faces. And pictures

I’m excited to dive back into my book galley (above) next week and start building the ‘books’ page for this site :)

Grandmothers know best

[video] the mesmerising jellyfish lake

My lovely designer Jo is leading a fabulous blog design ecourse next year!

this needs to be revisited this weekend

Tara’s new book of poetry is incredibly moving – buy copies for all your sisters-of-the-heart!

How to shop for vintage cameras

I’m sharing my thoughts on finding your thing over at Tanya’s place this week

And finally, Unravelling registration opens tomorrow at 4pm GMT/11am EST/ 8am PST, with Photo Meditations opening on Sunday. Let’s start the new year as we mean to go on, yeah? Full of inspiration, creativity and pockets of  soul time just for us x

7 responses
  1. Astrid

    Thomas Dybdahl has such an amazing voice.
    Fun fact: he is from the same city as me; Sandnes + he was in my husband’s class at elementary school

  2. susannah

    no way!! i love that :D

  3. Ellen

    Oh, you’ve got the most beautiful selection of washi tape I’ve ever come across… WOW.

    (I know, that’s not the thing you’d want to be congratulated for. I just couldn’t resist.)

  4. Steven Andrew

    The Jellyfish Lake video is just.. so breathtaking and so beautiful, I can’t stop watching it!
    I’m so glad you posted Moorea Seal’s post about vintage camera, so helpful!

  5. Yeti

    Love Sarah Kay’s poetry. Have you seen her TEDx performance?

  6. Stacie

    Wow! Thank you so much for including my link to the scarf camera strap! I’ve subscribed in my reader and through email. :)

  7. Cheryl

    I did Unravelling #1 at the beginning of 2011 and it was life-enhancing and life-changing – I loved every minute of it and it changed my way of looking at the world and taking photographs !

    Please tell me you will be doing Unravelling #2 again in 2012 – I so want to do it !

    And, as always, I love starting my weekend with your “Something for the Weekend” roundup – there is usually an overlap between something I’ve already appreciated and something on your list. This week it’s the amazing and beautiful poetry of Sarah Kay – thank you for the reminder !

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