Something for the weekend

My book is being sent to the printers today. IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! I still can’t believe it :)

Project for a rainy day: Making a DIY View master reel

Why I don’t worry about running out of ideas… ever

Can’t wait to go see this: Illuminated bulb garden in Bath

Getting ready for the new year with the Mother of All Releasing Ceremonies

Thinking party food: here :: here :: here

30 things to stop doing to yourself

The week of inward looking

Alternative Xmas decorations: one :: two :: three :: four :: five

Inspiring wallpapers for your iPhone (via Andrea) and these cases

Loving everything in this store

The news in Lego 2011

Loving Irene’s (free!) Paris Polaroids calender

And finally, the beautiful new-look Squam website launched yesterday and i’m excited to reveal that I’ll be teaching at Squam by the Sea next October!

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  1. Lindsay

    Congratulations on the book! What an amazing feeling that must be!

    I love these Friday posts. Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. kristen

    i kind of want to cry, (which isn’t that remarkable, i cry a lot these days), but that list of 30 things to stop doing to myself…yeah, that.

  3. Cecilia

    I love the “30 things to stop doing to yourself” list.

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. Jill Kane

    Thank you, as always, for these fantastic links! Esp loving the calendar. Just what I need right now :)

  5. Thea

    Congratulations love! Wow.
    Am so excited I will see you at by the sea. Am hoping to make it to creative joy retreat as well!

  6. Steven Andrew

    I’m literally squealing at the Lego link. I’ve obsessing over Lego’s lately and I love the idea!
    I’m so happy your book is being sent to the printers!

  7. Gerri

    Oooh la, la…I found some really great things in your post today! The bulb garden is breath-taking. I’m making my Noah the falling-stars Advent calendar, next year for sure! And, I’ve added Mark and Angel Hack Life and Squam by the Sea to my blog reader! Thanks. ;)

  8. Kellie

    great post! and congrats on the book!!

  9. Elisabeth@Manic Mrs. Stone

    Great links! I actually was familiar with about half of what you posted so I thought I should introduce myself lol! Checking out the rest now. Love the blog.

    xoxo, Elisabeth

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