Tiny Santa

I had another post lined up for today. And then my sister sent me these photographs and that put paid to that idea. I love tiny Santa so much my body isn’t actually big enough to contain all the love. I need an extra body. Maybe two.

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  1. Sharon Harkness

    Thanks for the tiny santa pictures. Just what I needed to see today. Too cute!

  2. Zarina Ávila

    Beautiful!!!! Noah is really cute!!

  3. katrina

    such a cuteeeee!

  4. Eadaoin

    Oh wow, that’s just adorable!!

  5. kathleen

    that is definitely the cutest Santa I have every seen! merry christmas to you all xo

  6. Susan

    Oh my goodness! I especially like the second one, so CUTE!

  7. Susannah McGlamery

    thanks for sharing tiny santa. his beard is amazing and definitely topped off my day! so happy to have stumbled upon your wonderful site. your perspectives (visual and literal) are inspirational and i love your name ;)

  8. Nina

    I’m imagining the extra love spreading out around you like a kind of glow. If that helps at all!

  9. Vinita

    Too cute!!

  10. Rhianne

    he is just adorable :)

  11. Fiona


  12. michelle gd

    oh, how darling! even hidden behind that beard, i can see how much this little guy is growing!
    and i know exactly what you mean about feeling like your body isn’t big enough to hold all the love…

  13. Kathryn

    tiny santa melts my heart :)

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