Getting away from it all

Eight women, three nights, one cottage, a lot of coffee, a reiki room, an incredible fox sighting, many bags of vegetables to be juiced, a surprise visit from a Blondie Bear, a few tears, a roaring fire, plenty of crumpets and chocolate, and a heck of a lot of raucous laughter. Thank you Sas, Jo, Megg, Lisa, Leonie, Penny and Emma. xo

[Photo of the magical fox by Penny – he sat in the sun and then sauntered right past us. We couldn’t believe it.]

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  1. Sandie Cottee

    Magic! I so love spending time away with friends. And having a reiki room sounds an extra special treat. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Graciel

    Oh, perfection!! The fox is a lovely omen of feminine power and magic. It was invited. :)

  3. jane (faerian)

    made me happy reading about your happy – and seeing a fox!!! wow!

  4. Elaine

    That sounds like such a nice time away . I learned reiki a year ago and find it great for the little man when he is in bad form great to get him to sleep , the horses here love it to :)

  5. nova

    Wow, gorgeous fox photo!

  6. megg

    Love you –


  7. patti scanlon

    Wonderful what a blessing to have such good girlfriends and to be able to get away and have time

  8. Nina

    I was once sitting outside my old back door late at night getting some fresh air, when a fox came down the garden sniffing about. It didn’t seem to notice me and just before it got near enough to touch I got a bit nervous and moved my feet so it would know I was there. It looked up totally startled and ran back up the garden – an unusually close encounter for both of us, I think!

  9. Clare Mulvany

    Oh- that sounds perfect. So glad that you found some quiet time among deep friendship… fox and blondie bear must have made for welcome additions!

  10. elizabeth

    not sure which I love more — the GATHERING of fabulous women for such a magical weekend (+blondie bear appearance) or the FOX !!!!! omg.

    pure magic– PURE MAGIC, I say.. xxo,e

  11. Catherine Denton

    Maybe he’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. From your pics, it looks like a delicious time together.

  12. Deborah Jackson

    Looks and sounds magical! – great pictures capturing this special time. Amazing that the fox came to visit and how fab that someone managed to get such a great picture!

  13. michelle gd

    what a fabulous gathering…it all looks so very good.

  14. Steven Andrew

    This looks perfect! That fox is gorgeous.

  15. leonie

    missing you already

  16. cococita

    Love these photos. Looks like you had an amazing and delicious time :)

  17. Lis

    Such beautiful moments captured! And what is up with foxes? I had one napping in my garden bed a few months ago … got some great shots before he wandered off. Still pinching myself (and we had a fox sighting at Squam last Sept by Pixie, of course!)

  18. Kathryn

    lovely, gorgeous photos and crumpets! i love crumpets. looks like a wonderful few days. :)

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