Hello 2012

I went to bed last night with a knot of excitement in my stomach. I’d had one of the most mindful New Year’s Eves in recent memory — after a decade of partying with a boyfriend who liked to do something major on NYE, I’ve come to appreciate the quieter celebrations of a decadent home-cooked dinner, a candle-lit bath to wash the old year away and freshly-laundered sheets on the bed. Candles were lit and intentions were journalled and then read aloud at midnight. It was pretty powerful stuff. So I guess it was inevitable I’d wake up with an expectation hangover — waking to a grey rainy morning after some surprisingly bad dreams.

But then I met Noah and his parents for our now customary New Year lunch in town, and returned home with a smile on my face, my perspective restored. After talking through some of my plans with my sister I remembered I’m playing the long game this year. I want to cultivate patience and take things at a steady pace rather than my usual race-panic-disappointment. So this evening, as I fill out the last pages of my workbook, I’m viewing the new year as a blank canvas, one that’s ready to be filled with the shapes and colours of my choosing.

Because I really do believe that everything is possible this year.

So with that in mind I’ve made some new desktop wallpaper* for my laptop — I thought you might like it too…

Small: 1024×768
Medium: 1280×1024
Large: 1600×1200
Extra wide: 1920×1200

* The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright, etc etc :)

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  1. Lis

    Happy Brave New Year dear one. I am looking forward to reconnecting and dipping back into photo inspiration with you :)

    I have to share: my word for 2012 is Clarity with the sense being one of focusing, decluttering and really digging in deep to the things that nourish and nurture me. And in my mind’s eye I pictured You – or perhaps the image I have of your life in your cozy studio o’creativity. Then I read your previous post and laughed as I’m sure you don’t feel like your life is all that neat and tidy! But wanted to let you know – from my seat you are so Brave and in total alignment with your heart/your purpose.

    ? Lis

  2. Lis

    hmm … that “?” was meant to be a heart!

  3. leaca

    Happy New Year Susannah!

  4. judy-sue

    Happy New year

  5. Juli

    Happy Happy New Year, Susannah! Wishing you all the very best..and may all your wishes..all of them..come true!

  6. Renee

    Happy New Year…..

  7. Helen Watson-Jones

    Finding myself newly and un-expectedly single after 10 years a week before Christmas, I too had a positive, moving forward attitude last night on New Years Eve, followed by an expectation hangover (love that phrase) all day today.

    In the cold light of day the world is a scary place and my dreams of a creativly prosperous year and a new love (saw your post on Facebook) faded into ‘who are you kidding’ reality.

    I smiled when I saw your word for this year because I have talked and written so many times over the last fortnight about my ‘Brave’ face but today its no-where to be seen. It takes guts to keep pushing yourself forward, to achieve your career dreams and find where that blasted man is hiding himself and if I hear one more person describe this year as having new horizons… but hey, they’re right and if we’re Brave enough who knows where we’ll all be this time next year :)

    Happy New Year! and it better bloomin well be!

  8. Nina

    I like the ‘?’, but maybe not so near your name! Very George Emerson (A Room With A View)!

  9. Nina

    Glad I’m not alone in feeling that clean sheets are essential for the new year! I might add the candle-lit bath to my celebration next time too, good idea. No way my boyfriend will go for reading intentions out at midnight, but I did write my word(s) down in my bedside notebook before going to sleep. Happy New Year!

  10. SteppingStonesSarah

    Happy new year Susannah!

    Can totally relate to this post. I too had a new years filled with belief about my dreams for 2012 and then woke up to pouring rain, washing up & a sudden huge pang of doubt about all my plans. But…a great playlist and reading blog posts like this has put me back on track! And most of all, the excitement of starting the unravelling course with you this week!!! :)

  11. tracy herndon carhart

    the possibilities are endless! i feel more encouraged and excited about 2012 than i have for years, although i have no complaints about 2011. it was good. but there is just something special about 2012. i think for me it is that i’ve let go. i’ve released a lot. i’ve purged my physical home, i’ve purged my heart and soul (on solstice).

    although we don’t know each other and i am new to blogging, i enjoy reading your postings and feel i’ve gotten to know you a bit. i hope 2012 finds you with many possibilities… tracy

  12. Lis

    Fantastic Nina! I’d forgotten that bit about George – and how perfect for a new year, new ?

  13. Steven Andrew

    Happy New Year! :) I love your writing so much, it makes me oddly happy.
    I hope you can accomplish everything you want this year, but I know you’re going to!

  14. Roxanne Galpin

    Happy 2012! I can definitely relate to awaking with an expectation hangover.

  15. Jennifer

    What a beautiful way to welcome in the new year and say goodbye to what was. That is a great tradition to start. Wishing you a wonderful 2012

  16. Lindsay

    Thank you, I have it on my desktop now! :)

    Happy New Year!!!

  17. natalea

    oh yes! it’s all so possible this year Susannah! Wishing you so much happiness and all the good stuff this year! xo natalea

  18. Kelly

    Susannah, Tonight I came home tearful tonight from a draining, exhausting 12 hour night in a dirty little ER. It was taxing and exhausting and no longer rewarding. At 52, as many are abusive and selfish and drug seeking and the “health” I promote is not within the health system, I want out. I’ve wanted out for many years now. But my parents are failing. Health insurance? I am single now. But I love photos and travel and stories and dogs and beaches.
    I have traveled the globe (thru the gift of nursing) I took your class. I love you like a friend for you down to earth honesty and kindness. So tonight can I borrow your word for 2012. BRAVERY!! Bravery for change. Tonights post was life saving. Thank you, my joyous, loving, always forward thinking friend Susannah. Wish me luck.

  19. Jackie

    Happy Brave New Year Susannah, I saw this and thought of you – time to borrow that little nephew as a pretext for going to see this: http://disney.go.com/brave/#/home

  20. Annette

    Thank you, Susannah, for the pdf of Unravelling 2012. I’ve loved working through it. I am in a season of coming back to life, becoming aware that in fact, though it has felt like it for two years, I did not die along with my fiance when he passed unexpectedly from a heart attack Thanksgiving week of ’09. My first words January 1st were, “I lived.” I found your blog sometime last spring and consider you one of the true gifts of 2011. Many hugs to and gratitude to you for all you share, and Happy 2012 to you!

  21. Erica Midkiff | Dearingford

    Thank you so much for a wonderful updated copy of Unravelling the Year Ahead! I’ve been using the old version for a couple of years, and it’s wonderful to have a fresh, new copy. This and the Word of the Year worksheet are the foundations of my positive-focused planning each year. Thank you again, so much, for putting in the time to create something to share with all of us. The happiest, most wonderful of New Years to you.

  22. Kathryn

    2012 is going to be a really positive year. :)

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