Something for the weekend

Christine’s beautiful book, Desire to Inspire, arrived this week. So much beauty and wisdom!

The Kitten Covers (my faves)

How to make a time capsule

[video] so inspiring: one girl’s solo hike across Iceland

New blog finds I’m checking out: Remedial Eating :: Positively Positive :: I Loved New York

Joan Didion’s packing list (via Heidi)

100 cameras

In case you don’t have these: 9 essential books on reading & writing

I want to live here

[video] Ira Glass on storyteling

How do I know if it’s my inner critic or just realistic thinking? (also check out Playing Big)

[video] The Joy of Books

London, empty

The joy of being alone

Loving this eco iPad stand and night light

[video] Resurrecting creativity (via Pam)

The best of 2011 on 99%

Jonathan Fields continues to inspire me

48 things to be grateful for when you need to shift your focus

[even more video!] Oh, the Places You’ll Go :: We were wanderers on a prehistoric earth

Enjoy! xo

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  1. Michele

    I love your Friday posts!!

  2. Marthe

    Thank you so much for linking to my posts, Susannah! Just made a little happy dance at Starbucks! :)

  3. Robby

    I love these posts so much. If you come to Boston on your book tour, expect to see me there. Crossing my fingers.

  4. Cecilia

    love the book list. I don’t have most of these, and going to the writer’s reference section of the bookstore can be quite overwhelming. thanks!

  5. Maura

    I love your “something for the weekend” posts!

  6. Lauren

    I love the Iceland video! Thanks for sharing…

  7. sonrie

    Even more videos to enrich my life!!!

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