The sea, the sea (& a giveaway)

In my head I keep saying next year. Next year I’m doing this, next year I’m doing that. But it’s THIS year. This is the year of travel and connection (and book tours and dating). Three days in and I’m moving slowly, making juices and trying to get early nights (only to toss and turn and have bad dreams — must be clearing stuff outta my head.) This morning my new (old and bought for a song) bookshelves were delivered, so I’ve been clearing out books and rearranging what’s left. I’m starting to feel the urge to spring clean, aren’t you? Time to take the decorations down and make space for all the new that’s coming. Yes.

One slice of new this year will be my trip to North Carolina in October. I’m teaching a live one-day version of Photo meditations at Squam by the Sea and I’m so looking forward to being by the ocean, nestled into the community that Elizabeth brings together. Have you met Elizabeth? She’s one of those truly soulful women who shines so brightly you can’t help but be drawn to her. This is the fifth year she’s run her brilliant Squam Art Workshops and I’m so proud to be a small part of the fun. Teaching in New Hampshire in 2010 was a wonderful experience and I have no doubt NC will be just as good — do join us if you can!

To celebrate the launch of the new SAW site Elizabeth has very generously offered a sweet lil giveaway to you guys. The site has a new shop page where they’ll be offering one exclusive item for sale each month — for January it’s these adorable porcelain cups from Gleena. Up for grabs is a “m is for magic” cup — so cute, right? :) If you’d like to win this cup simply leave a comment on this post telling me one magical thing about YOU. In case you need some inspiration, I’ll start…

One magical thing about me is this: I always manage to make people laugh, usually by saying something silly… or naughty :)

What about you? I’ll draw the winner’s name on Friday xo

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  1. Abby

    Not entering the giveaway as am family but just looking in and was really amazed and delighted to see 200 people expressing something positive about themselves – that is awesome! Love you sister x you are magic x

    My magic? Still trying to put it into words, but definitely everyday creativity (not forgetting my best creation ;)

  2. susannah

    Sister, watching you push my nephew into this world was the most magical thing i have ever seen in my life. YOU are magic. i love you so much xoxoxoxooxx

  3. Theresa

    I believe in miracles.

  4. laura

    I listen….I really and truly listen.

  5. antonella

    One magical thing about me is that I never run out of topics of conversation ;)

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