The sea, the sea (& a giveaway)

In my head I keep saying next year. Next year I’m doing this, next year I’m doing that. But it’s THIS year. This is the year of travel and connection (and book tours and dating). Three days in and I’m moving slowly, making juices and trying to get early nights (only to toss and turn and have bad dreams — must be clearing stuff outta my head.) This morning my new (old and bought for a song) bookshelves were delivered, so I’ve been clearing out books and rearranging what’s left. I’m starting to feel the urge to spring clean, aren’t you? Time to take the decorations down and make space for all the new that’s coming. Yes.

One slice of new this year will be my trip to North Carolina in October. I’m teaching a live one-day version of Photo meditations at Squam by the Sea and I’m so looking forward to being by the ocean, nestled into the community that Elizabeth brings together. Have you met Elizabeth? She’s one of those truly soulful women who shines so brightly you can’t help but be drawn to her. This is the fifth year she’s run her brilliant Squam Art Workshops and I’m so proud to be a small part of the fun. Teaching in New Hampshire in 2010 was a wonderful experience and I have no doubt NC will be just as good — do join us if you can!

To celebrate the launch of the new SAW site Elizabeth has very generously offered a sweet lil giveaway to you guys. The site has a new shop page where they’ll be offering one exclusive item for sale each month — for January it’s these adorable porcelain cups from Gleena. Up for grabs is a “m is for magic” cup — so cute, right? :) If you’d like to win this cup simply leave a comment on this post telling me one magical thing about YOU. In case you need some inspiration, I’ll start…

One magical thing about me is this: I always manage to make people laugh, usually by saying something silly… or naughty :)

What about you? I’ll draw the winner’s name on Friday xo

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  1. Margarita

    one magical thing about me is my smile, according to my boyfriend. (i do smile pretty wide, all teeth.) i like that because my smile reminds me of my father’s.

    thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

  2. Jennifer

    One magical thing about me is that I have incredible patience.

  3. Laura-Lynn

    I feel compelled to tell people I hope they have a good day when they get off of an elevator. It’s a tough world out there and I want them to know someone is pulling for them…even if it’s a stranger.

  4. Melissa

    Love that cup…the whole set actually! One magical thing about me is that I believe everyone has tremendous possibility and I’m finally opening my eyes (and heart) to my own!

  5. Michele

    Best of luck with your tour and your trips!

    One magical thing about me is my ability to see the potential-to being able to see how ANYTHING is possible and then to work and make it a reality!

  6. taryn

    one magical thing about me is my optimism and belief that things will always work out for the best.

  7. stefanierenee

    love these mugs, love that you’ll be at squam! my magic is making others feel like magic:)
    love to you!

  8. Amanda

    My energy and thirst for new adventures is magical. Oops…I suppose that was two… :-)

  9. Ramona

    one magical thing about me is that I always seem to connect with other younger versions of myself at whatever stage I am in life. it is humbling and inspiring.

  10. Laura

    oh so lovely! one magical thing about me: I am able to win trust easily with my innate ability to listen deeply to others

  11. Maura

    Love the cups. One magical thing about me is my smile.

  12. Anne

    I love this blog! One magical thing I will admit to is listening. I try to really listen to people because it’s so important. People even stop me in stores and pour out their lives. Amazing what can transpire over the dairy section. :)

  13. ben

    magic is my capacity to see beauty (almost) everywhere

  14. Diane Tetreault

    My magic comes from making all kinds of creative connections: people, art, places, literature, fiber!

  15. Katja

    one magical thing about me is that i always, automatically hold open the doors for people, and let them pass.

  16. Laura

    One magical thing about me is that I found a way, in the last year, to believe in magic again. I had lost it for a while. It feels so good to see sparkles in the air again.

    Thanks for the giveaway Susannah!

  17. Sharon McNeill

    You are a magical one Susannah. As is Elizabeth.
    A magical thing about me is that I keep searching, and laying the path as I go.

  18. cococita

    People always start to talk to me by just seeing me. Sometimes I think there is written an invitation on my face: ‘Please talk to me!’
    It’s something I really like about myself, as I love to meet new people and to discover something about people’s lives …

  19. Angeliki

    These mugs are so cute!
    One magic thing about me is that I can make damn good moussaka :)

  20. meegan

    one magical thing about me is that i believe in people!

  21. michelle gd

    oh, i have been eyeing these dear little cups over at the squam site. love them…and the one i was considering was the ‘m is for magic’!

    something magic about me…i see goodness in every (and i do mean *every*) person and every thing on our earth.

  22. aure

    My magic is that I usually don’t know what to do and how, but it still turns out very good :)

  23. Judy

    One magical thing about me – I strive to reinvent myself and my life on a daily basis. I also love to bring about moments to remember for others.


  24. ~Heather

    My magic is my balance when I cross country ski and do yoga. I only wish I had such wonderful balance in other areas of life… in time!

  25. Lis

    It certainly looks like a magical year ahead for you! I can’t wait to see the images you capture when you are by-the-sea.

    One magical things about me? I talk with fairies and gnomes. They’ve helped me find lost things (of course, maybe they hid them from me to teach me a lesson?) and my girl swears they whisper the answers to her for her spelling tests.

    xo Lis

  26. Valerie

    One magical thing about me is that I love to send surprises in the mail!

  27. rani

    my magic is in my hands the relaxing, therapeutic massages I give with them!

  28. Maira (@EmpowermentExp)

    ONe magical thing about me is my ability to trust and follow my intuition and the Mad Muse of inspiration when they speak to and through me.

  29. Lisa Ottosson

    i am magical because i choose to see the beauty in little things..AND my word for 2012 is magic!

  30. julie tharp

    my magic is that i am easy to talk too – doesn’t sound all glamorous, but sometimes people just need someone to talk to.

  31. Liz

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway…these cups are so inspiring. One magical thing about me is that I attempt to use art as a tool to show other people the little magic I see everyday. Following your advice I take at least one photo a day using a variety of cameras and lots of photos of my food. Thank you for being so inspiring. <3

  32. grace

    One magical thing about me is my enthusiasm. Family and friends count on it when they share something with me. I am often the first person they tell because they are certain my reaction will be as excited as they are and often even more. Magic, it’s the best.

  33. lorraine

    one magical thing about my determination :)

  34. Donna

    Love the cups (and considering my first Squam). What is magical about me is my compassion.


  35. Marthe

    I love that cup! Especially since my name starts with M.. :)

    One magical thing with me is that I’m really good at inspiring others to belive that they can do magical things themselves. :D

  36. Deborah

    Hubby crafted me a magical gift over the holidays–he made me a fairy door after seeing one of my sketches! The fairy door is made of wood and has tiny hinges that allow the doors (double doors) to open and close.

  37. Tara@Aquamarine

    Happy New Year to you Susannah. May it bring you all you could possibly wish for including the man. :) I used your workbook to say goodbye to last year and welcome this one in and it was such a lovely thing to do for myself.

    I haven’t entered a giveaway in ages but this one I couldn’t pass by! I have a thing about ceramics. So I’d say something magical about me is that more and more these days people are telling me they are inspired by me; something magical for me to hear and also for me to give! You just never know what people are seeing when they look at you.

  38. Chris

    I am at my most magical when i am creating, lost in my own unique way of seeing the world, happily alone with my ideas and thoughts and all the possibilities.

  39. Irene S.

    Yes to spring (ha!) cleaning and decluttering — I have two boxes for Goodwill already. Magical me — I try to be calm and centered and really listen when friends need to talk.

  40. Megan

    One magical thing about me is that I’m a Momma. like whoa.

  41. Cheryl

    I create family celebrations which make my kids say ‘this is the best day ever’ every time. The cups are very nice.

  42. Nicola

    Something magical about me. The way I have carried on living,loving and hoping despite losing my husband 2 years ago. Life is still a gift. xx

  43. Anabel Borbon

    I inspire trust and am close friends with serendipity.

  44. Kat

    Oh how beautiful! (the post and the cups) I was linked over here from Jen Grey’s post…and now I have found another juicy blog to add to my Daily Reads list. :D A magical thing about me is my hugs…I’ve been told that there is a “something magical and special” about them and they never fail to make the recipient feel all warm and fuzzy and loved. :D

  45. Laura D.

    I’m not sure it is “magic” but I have the ability of frequently seeing the silver lining in the clouds. It has gotten me through lots in my life.

  46. art and lemons

    Once in a while, I can stop time. Stop everything around me and be completely and fully in the moment. That’s the kind of magic I’d like more of in my life…I haven’t been to a Squam workshop yet, hmm maybe I can trek to NC in the Fall for your class. That would be fabulous!

  47. ginger

    you’re gonna love the carolinas! north georgia is my favorite place on earth. so relaxing, and people are so nice! one magical thing about me is my ability to make any situation, even the bad ones, into a joke. can’t take things too seriously!

  48. kathryn

    I’ve been told this many times over the years…so…the one magical thing about me is this: I’m always happy, smiling and laughing!!

  49. Katya

    Happy New 2012!!!
    What a gorgeous cup, love it!!!
    I always take care of everyone around me :)

  50. Kylie

    a magical thing about me is that i am here, smiling. it may sound silly to others, but to me, its a big thing.

  51. barefootmama

    So beautiful…..oh, and that cup rocks!!
    I’m going to try and get to the fall retreat:)

  52. MJ

    What’s magical about me is that I have two magical creatures living with me. One is a beautiful little fairy that has the power to tell stories and metamorphasize into any creature she wants. She makes me marvel and dream. The other is a noble griffin who has the power to help me see truth when I least expect it. He also can make me laugh when I don’t really want to, which makes us both laugh hysterically.

    I sent in my squam registration today for NH :). Soooo excited!!!!! Would have enjoyed meeting you in person in NC, maybe next time :).

  53. Christina Creevy

    I will do any goofy thing to make a child giggle.

  54. Amanda S.

    One magical thing about me is that I seem to put people at ease when around them.

  55. susie

    Thank you for magical giveaways! My magic is in my smile…it’s contagious…sometimes I need to work on my magic…especially in the deep dark winter… :)

  56. elkemay

    ah… squam….squamaliscious….squamagic…. a magic thing about me? i can soak up the magic. i’m thrilled you will be teaching at squam~ what a major dream! enjoy!

  57. lynn

    My one magical thing is what my husband calls “truthtelling.” I have very perceptive intuition and can usually tell in advance how things are going to go between people or circumstances, good and bad. Because of that intuition, I can tell right away when I meet a lifelong friend.

  58. Marie-Anne Poulin

    I’m magical simply because my hands deliver the magic through massages.

  59. Mitzie

    One magical thing about me is I am usually very tuned in to my surroundings… This can be a blessing and a curse :)

  60. Brittany

    I have a super power: I can catch stuff that gets knocked/is falling. I sense the falling and shoot my hand out and almost always catch it.

    (I’m a little clumsy. Have had practice;)

  61. Alicia F.

    I like to really get to know people and I think it makes people feel good about themselves. I like that.

  62. Amy

    “Mummy you’re magic” said my oldest daughter at 5 years old with big sparkling eyes…she meant it and it is truly one of my most treasured memories of parenting so far. So i am magic! i make magic in the life i create and keep recreating for the 5 of us each and every day…thank you for reminding me!!!

  63. Julie Rose Sews

    How adorable is that cup! Everyone is magical. I think my personal magic comes from my ability to nurture those around me.

  64. Christine

    What a lovely give away. I would have to say my magic is I make things happen – you need something or want something but don’t know how to do it? Come to me….

  65. Stacy T

    Something magical……my laughter. It’s infectious.

  66. Judy L

    I love these little cups! I want the M cup because my daughter’s name is Megan and she is what is magical about me. :)

  67. Karen

    Those cups are utterly gorgeous!
    One magical thing about me is that my eyes seek beauty no matter where I am.

  68. Paige

    For the last two years I’ve been practicing mama magic… The ability to make tears disappear, boo-boos feel better, and of course cleaning dirty faces with “magical mama spit”! A kind of hearth magic, if you will :) and I am coveting that lovely little cup!

  69. Anthony

    The magical thing about me is that computers like me. They listen to me and stop misbehaving.

  70. Veronica Moloney

    Love these little cute cups! One magical thing about me is overcoming my fear of speaking from the heart. Little by little post by post I wanted to make a connrction on a deeper level, and the only thing holding me back was those little fears! Letting that go has been magical and has taken me miles so far. Happy 2012 Susannah!

  71. Melissa

    There are so many magical things about all women. We are strong, supportive, loving, creative. We understand the strength required in knowing when to let go and when to laugh, particularly when we want to cry. I am magical because I am a wife, a mom and a friend.

    As an NC native, I can say with great assurance that your trip to Nag’s Head will be WONDERFUL. Enjoy!

  72. Rene

    One magical thing about me is that I can always – always – see someone’s potential. . .and encourage it.

  73. Nadia

    oh my! one magical thing about me? are you serious? dig deep…
    I tell the people that I love that I love them often and every chance I get I give hugs. people need to hug more. hugs are magic! ciao!

  74. beth

    The magical thing about me is that I listen to people and often give them just what they are longing for. As a bookseller and librarian I find this magic comes in handy and makes people around me oh so happy.

  75. Dianne

    One magical thing about me, is my perseverance in my pursuit of creativity. It may take different forms (knitting, drawing, guitar) but I always try to do something.

  76. Synke

    Dear Susannah,
    those look all beautifully. I could not decide at all – so beautifully!! so niiiiicceee!!

    hugs Synke from germany ;-)

  77. Rebecca

    Lovely! Still waiting for next year ;0)….my magical characteristic…I always try to draw out one thing that is creative in a person. People talk about my ability to draw or create and I ask them what they enjoy doing. I make them see they are artists too!

  78. Angelique

    One magical thing about me…is that I give REALLY good, heartfelt advice. I have a couple friends who regularly comment on this, and I’ve been working on honing it (by giving myself a quiet moment with my eyes closed to really consider every moving bit involved in a friend’s situation) and not squandering it (by also thinking, does this situation call for my advice? or just my compassion). <3

  79. Erin Nikki Thompson

    I am so looking forward to Squam by the Sea this year…. my second trip to the serendipitous location that changed my world last fall ?

    My magic…. causing older (senior) folks to smile, I attract them in markets, bookstores and in the parks… just this morning, a woman in my dr.’s office looked me up and down (I am wearing striped socks, a twirly skirt, and funky gloves and hat.) She playfully smacked her husband in the chest and said “I used to dress like that!” and he smiled and winked… “Who’s stopping’ yah?” Big grins for all :)

  80. debi

    One magical thing about me,,,I love to make others feel welcome in my home. I love to fill their bellies with yummy things I have made just for them. To make you feel loved and special. To make you at home in my home.

  81. Anna Brescia

    one thing magical about me ~ I find beauty and inspiration from the little things in life…like an old broken wooden gate

  82. Kim

    I’ve definitely got the spring cleaning bug, too! I’ve been skirting my actual work lately because I can’t stop rearranging this or organizing that. It sure makes it easier to clear my mind and get work done when I do sit down to do that, though.

    My magic thing about me is… Despite being a seemingly small, timid lil lady, I love to karaoke nasty rap/hip hop songs. :)

  83. Veronica

    One magical thing about me is my desire to constantly learn new things

  84. Kim

    My magic is I can find the magic in anything. Yup, anything.

  85. Susan J

    Hm, one magical thing about me? I guess it would be the way I can make little kids laugh and puppies wiggle. I love them so much, I can’t help it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  86. Daniëla

    My smile is magic. If you are in a bad mood just look at my smile. You feel good!

    And with the magic cup my day starts good! Xx

  87. Alyssa T

    I am a bridge builder and I delight in watching the map glow with constellations of kindred souls spread across the globe.

  88. Miriam

    When I first read this a few days ago I saw that beautiful cup & wanted to enter but I couldn’t because I was going through a rough time and couldn’t see a single thing about myself that was magical. Today I’m still struggling a little but I think that one magical thing about me is that I can see the beauty in the simple little things in life.

    True Story – in the first few weeks of college (a while back!) I was in the computer room when some guys from my class were having trouble with something. I went over to help them, fixed their problem and from then on they used to call me Magic Fingers! :)

  89. Erin

    I never forget someone’s birthday. People think I’m magical!

  90. Meaghan

    A magical thing about me is my big dimples! :)

  91. Colleen

    Hmmm M & Ms are magical and I love M & Ms so that makes me magical!

  92. francesca dileo

    magic happens at squam events. it sure does. so hope to be able to make it to squam by the sea!!! xoxx

  93. phil0logy

    One magical thing about me is that I can engage almost anyone in thought provoking and inspirational conversation :)

  94. Hannah Marcotti

    This just took my breath away. My word of the year is magic.

    One magical thing about me is that I have this superpower of being able to show people how to feel amazing about themselves. It is magic, because I don’t really understand it all just yet!

    Love you Susannah.

  95. Joanne

    One magical thing about me is my ability to learn and pick up on things quickly. It’s like magic! :)

  96. Jade Sheldon

    A magical thing about me? I was born an artist. My parents tell me they always knew I was going to grow up and be an artist because I could color inside the lines when I was 2. I now have a BFA and am working on my MAE.

  97. Ellen

    One magical thing about me – I went through a painful experience. I faced it head on and came out strong. I’m proud.

  98. melissa

    thank you for this exquisite offering. i have been told that my magic is seeing the magic in others, reflecting and celebrating their radiance. grateful for you, susannah…thank you for your soulful magic.

  99. Catalina

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is a difficult one for me. I will feel strange about saying: I’m magic (even if sometimes I forget…) rather than something magic about me…. and it is a secret sometimes :)

  100. Kelly

    I always try to look for the good in all people and smile at strangers even if it’s not the best of days…

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