Things I want to remember

I strap him into his car seat, close the door then walk round and get in the other side, next to him. He looks at me with a smile so I get really close and whisper: “hello.” “Hello” he whispers back. It’s the first time I’ve heard him whisper. So unexpected and cute.

His words are starting to include more abstracts, like help, blue, purple, cold, catch, pop, as well as things, like hat, hair, egg, owl, house, balloon, cake. He pronounces elephant “emmett.” He’s also joining-up words to make little sentences: “Look daddy!” “Hello mummy.”

Sing a Simple Song by Sly and the Family Stone comes on the radio. Noah’s daddy starts doing a funny dance round the kitchen, so I go in and start dancing too, which gets Noah dancing between us. And then his mummy joins us, and we all bust some moves on the kitchen floor. Impromptu Sunday dance parties are the best.

He likes to play with the contents of my make up bag while i’m putting my face on. He uses the tiny eyebrow comb to brush his hair. And he LOVES when i use the hairdryer on his hair. He points the hairdryer, looks up at me and says “yes?”

We’re in the car again, driving home. He’s chatting away to himself, as he does, when I hear him say: “Nana. Daddy. Shoo-she. No-no.” No-no is his word for Noah and he points to himself when he says it. He’s just listed everyone in the car.

Highlight of 2012 so far: walking into the spare bedroom to find Noah and his nana both jumping on the bed. Words fail me… :)

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  1. Susan

    So sweet. I love it when kids learn to say Susie, and learn how to whisper. Enjoy!

  2. Courtney Kirkland

    Our sons name is Noah, too. And for the longest time when he was tiny he thought his name was “no.” So, whenever anyone said the word “No” he came running. This little guy is too cute for words!

  3. Helen

    Great times, so sweet.

  4. Cee Lewars

    What a wonderful email. It was like a surprise, a breath of fresh air. It brought back so many memories of times with my nephew Steve and my own boys, John and Nathan. Thanks.

  5. Cee Lewars

    What a wonderful blog. It was like a surprise; a breath of fresh air. it brought back so many memories of times I spent with my nephew, Steve and my boys John and nathan.

  6. Cecilia

    what a sweet, sweet kid.
    my little girl mouths words sometimes, like, “more milk please?” it melts me everytime.

  7. Catherine Denton

    Oh my gosh, I wanna be like that Nana when my turn comes! :) He is so precious; you can tell he loves his aunt.

  8. Kathryn

    So sweet. I love the story of Noah and his nanna jumping on the bed. He is so lucky to be surrounded by such loving people.
    His love of the hair dyer is cute and reminded me, rather sadly, of our puppy, who wasn’t so keen on it.

  9. amy

    he’s such a honey. gorgeous photos.

  10. Belle

    There’s just something about having a little one in your life. Children keep us young at heart. My son reminds me everyday how full of wonder the world is.

  11. Katja

    this is so heartwarming and precious! thanks for sharing with us, and say hi to Noah! :)

  12. jen

    they affect you in so many ways…those little ones do…is he so cute and i just love what a proud auntie you are. it makes me wish my sister was closer to enjoy my children…she could use some of that kind of magic right now.

  13. kelly Nolan

    combing his hair with the eyebrow comb?!? He is so unbelievably cute AND has good grooming!! Such a lovely boy.

  14. Roxanne Galpin

    I has been the greatest pleasure to watch young Master Noah grow! What a little darling he is …


  15. michelle

    so many wonderful things to remember. this really warms my heart {as i’m sure it does yours}. so many precious memories and images. love the idea of noah and his nana jumping on the bed…awesome!

  16. Rachel

    Cute! My brother’s name is Noah and all our nieces and nephews call him Uncle No-No. Seems like the standard kid way to say Noah :)

  17. catherine

    Love these memories! He is such a sweet little guy

  18. Lune

    He’s so adorable. I love that you caught him and his nana being silly. My little boy and his nana are the same way. I’ve found them in tents, and playing tag down the street – makes me look happily into the future when one day, I’ll be a nana (I hope).

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