A dusty love affair

We are so lucky to live in a time where time travel is possible… and I say time because I have been away for a week but it feels more like three months. I’ve returned with 100 Polaroids, hundreds of iPhone snaps, copious amounts of jewellery, pottery and silverware from the souks and a deepened dusty love for Morocco. I’ve got some serious processing to do — both photographic and emotional — so for now here’s a little peek at some of the sights I saw last week…

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  1. Catalina

    wao!!!!! SO beautiful pictures!!! thanks for sharing!


  2. Robin

    I was there a year ago and totally fell in love with Kech and Essa. So happy you got to experience it! Gotham Girl

  3. babu

    Welcome back! :-)

  4. barbara

    so happy that you all had a great time!!! xx

  5. Gigi

    Thank you for sharing your images so generously, they are beautiful and teach me so much ! I am intrigued about your trip – I have heard that western tourists are constantly harassed and that spoils the experience of a remarkable country. Any tips for a woman wishing to travel there alone?

  6. Deborah Jackson

    What beautiful pictures Susannah, looks like you had a fantastic time and you came out of the souks alive! These pictures bring back many memories as I visited Marrakech a couple of years ago, it was beautiful. I was very proud of myself managing to pack a tagine, silver lantern and various pieces of pottery in my suitcase! I don’t know about you, I found some aspects of the culture v.difficult to deal with, really pulled on my heart strings.

  7. Sian | Twelve by One

    These photos are gorgeous… I’ve been following you and Amanda’s Instagrams too..
    Can’t wait to see more ;) x

  8. jodi

    it looks like you had a magical time. looking forward to seeing more.

  9. Nina

    What stunning photos, Susannah! I’m hoping for some perfect pancake polaroids from you tomorrow (Tuesday), by the way. :-)

  10. Anne Jutras

    Hello Susannah,

    I love your photos! Tell me, the pictures that you posted on Instagram are they taken from your cell photo? Are you using Instagram or another application to process your photos? Thanks!

  11. nicole

    ooooh lovely! i’m eagerly awaiting the images from all three of you!

    um a melbourne tram sign in morocco???

  12. Lynette

    Beautiful pictures. What a wonderful trip!

  13. Mariella

    oh wow Susannah, looks like you had a great great time, but then again how not to when you’re in Marrakesh?! Happy happy for you

  14. jane

    Your life looks so beautiful.

  15. Sandra

    I so wanted to go on this trip, but couldn’t for health and financial reasons. Another time perhaps. I’d love to see more photos. What a treat.

  16. Amanda

    Gorgeous photos Susannah, as usual, but I am completely baffled by the 6th one down. What on earth is something with a list of what looks like tram/bus stops and routes from Melbourne (Australia) doing in Morocco? As they say: Random!

  17. susannah

    Hi Anne! Yep, all photos on instagram were taken with my phone and edited using instagram filters :)

  18. sam

    This looks a magical trip – hope you’ll be sharing more…

  19. Maria-Louisa

    Great images. I really like the ship one with the blue fence, it almost looks like it was in UK :) They make me look so much forward to new adventures and travel.

  20. Em

    At the risk of embarassing myself I’d forgotten that you’d gone away and I missed you. Your photographs are beautiful.

  21. Jane LaFazio

    can’t wait to see your travel photos! what a grand adventure!

  22. Stacey

    Susannah I can’t wait to hear about your trip. The pictures are stunning. :)

  23. Stacey

    Also, I’m excited to meet you at the Creative Joy Retreat! Summer can’t come soon enough!

  24. susannah

    ohhh, that’s so sweet! thank you, hon :)

  25. susannah

    WOOT! Yay Stacey!!!!

  26. Trudie

    Welcome home, honey, we missed you! Can’t wait to see all your photos and hear your stories.

  27. Luisa Brimble

    wow amazing people to travel with!!!!

  28. Luisa Brimble

    ha ha ha nicole i was thinking that too.

  29. Michelle Park

    Heyyyyy the third from the bottom photo shows a tram roll from a Melbourne tram! I lived in Collingwood :)

  30. Ariel

    A little Essaouira is good for the soul.

  31. amanda

    Ladies, the Melbourne tram/bus rolls are a decoration Maryam and Chris have in the pavilions at Peacock Pavilions. Being the only Aussie, I was instantly drawn to them too. :)

  32. Kathryn

    lovely, especially the photo of the lemony-slice-thingy :)

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