Ridiculously photogenic food

Sometimes I wonder if the only reason I make (or order) certain dishes is so I can Instagram them. But then again, photographing your lunch is such a great way to practice your composition skills!

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  1. Amanda Chea


  2. Amanda Chea

    Do I look like a stalker if I’m the first to reply?

  3. susannah

    LOL! not at all :)

  4. Courtney Kirkland

    I have a hard time photographing food. Maybe it’s because I’m lacking pretty plates and tablecloths….and now I’m starving. :)

  5. Kathryn

    I love looking at food photos.
    I couldn’t help but notice the Sherlock DVDs, the second season is already airing in the UK, isn’t it? Have to wait a little longer till I get to see it here in Aus. :)

  6. Allison

    Beautify foods seems so much delicious than a simple ones.

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