Something for the weekend

Let’s all splash in muddy puddles this weekend, shall we? :)

Sweet recipe notecards (via Clare)

It probably goes without saying that I want one of these beauties

The greatest books of all time

The willful stage (thank you for sharing this with me, Sas)

Feeding my washi tape obsession

“Open the space to be you.” Wise words from Hannah this week

[video] When Pam speaks, I listen!

Plan to make this soon: roasted sesame winter slaw (also: beetroot crisps)

Didn’t we all want to be Debbie?

From blog to book

[video] Bath time for baby sloths (via Rebecca)

Loving Kelly Rae’s kindness mission

Have you met Rachel Cole? She’s definitely on to something

So inspiring! Business cards from the Alt Design Summit

And finally, just a reminder that registration for Blogging from the Heart opens on Sunday — woot! xo

9 responses
  1. sara

    I love your Friday links – keep them coming!

  2. Cecilia

    so uplifting. i just read the Rachel Cole piece.

  3. Nina

    Aaaaaaargh, the baby sloths!!! And the ‘greatest books’ link has led me to some other v interesting stuff, so thanks for that. Have a good weekend!

  4. Emmy van swaaij

    Your sharings always lift my mood, especially on a day like today while i am coping with the sneezles and try to steam all that cold away your sharings are like a bowl of delicious homemade soup. Very nurtering and yes! Healing thank you so much!

  5. Vanessa

    Wonderful links …. And can’t wait to register tomorrow for Blogging from the Heart – I know it’s going to be fantastic!

  6. Angeliki

    Ah! That video is so so cute. It does make want to go out and find myself some puddles. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s registration opening. How very exciting!

  7. lisa

    your video made me smile. what a sweet soul!

  8. Kathryn

    such a cute video, the part where he pulls you over to a puddle is gorgeous. :)

  9. Hannah Marcotti

    Oh darling, that was heart melting, thank you. I always love, love, love your lists! xo

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