Something for the weekend

Completely enchanted by photos of this wedding

Instagram-style Photoshop actions from Angie

The books now have Facebook pages! Instant Love :: This I Know

An introvert’s guide to networking

Need to investigate: Focus Booster

47 ways to love yourself better

I see an elbow patch in my future

Loving Matt’s guide to coffee drinking in Londontown

How to conduct a great interview

Things to worry about by F Scott Fitzgerald (via Heidi)

Instagram as an artist’s sketchbook

How to be creative by the ever inspiring Justine Musk

I already can’t live without Evernote, but look at how cool XMind is too

I’m obsessed too: 6 fresh juice recipes (also: simple edamame toast)

[video] this is memerising

And finally, I’m off to teach at the Instant Love Polaroid retreat in Marrakesh tomorrow, so expect lots of Instagram photos (the pola scans will come later :) xo

4 responses
  1. angie

    Oh, that wedding! That coffee!!!!
    Thanks so much for the linky-love and have an amazing time in Marrakesh x

  2. Sheryl Pirolo Kober

    Those wedding photos were pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cecilia

    i have to say, thank you for the introduction to justine musk with these posts. what a motivation. what truth.

  4. Rosy Silva

    I loved all those links. Those made my weekend.

    Thanks for sharing.


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