Something for the weekend

Really inspired by this vision board idea

i LOVE this photo of a girl carrying her brother

The magazine editorial notebook (via Katrina)

[video] Yoshi’s mobile coffee shop brings hope to Japan

These portraits are nuts (via Sas)

Plan to make: Mint chocolate chip kale shake (also: Kris’s new guide to juicing)

Love exploring these workspaces

I’m a Polaroid girl

[Music] Dreamy spacey music by Hammock

The day Teller gave me the secret to my career in magic (via Gala)

Carbs are killing you (also: 10 biz documents you need before you die) see what i did there?

20 principles of success not taught in schools

I got a stamp made for my book signings!

Jason is so wise: Notes on man stuff

America’s first lady is badass (love this!)

Want to try these chocolates

These are all so inspiring!

New fave blog: Adulting

How to find your tribe

And finally, i got a bit obsessed with these scents I found in Marrakesh — so lovely I bought five ;) Also happy to find this place that sells perfume samples online.

Enjoy! xo

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  1. Heather Allard

    Thanks for sharing 10 Business Documents You Need Before You Die! Very clever. ;-)

  2. Babu

    I saw the photo on twitter an immediateyl ordered one for my book signings (my first book is published at April 19th). You always have the coolest ideas…

    Cheers, Babu

  3. Marthe

    Great links, as always!

    Enjoying with a cup of coffee <3

  4. kristen

    do you have any recs for solid perfume? i have my signature scent that i spray on myself, (probably should say all over myself!), but it’s a glass bottle and I have yet to find an atomizer that doesn’t break, crack or leak. so i’m looking for a good solid for traveling…xo

  5. Cecilia

    hi. that adulting site? it’s making me pee my pants. my favorite tenents are “harden the f up” and “just make two trips.”

    i loved a bunch of those other links too :)

  6. Nina

    That stamp is gorgeous!

    The letter from Teller is so good – did you watch Fool Penn & Teller? Would have been a 100% terrible show if they weren’t so thoroughly nice and charming and gracious in their excellence.

    The 10 docs: My grandfather left a computer file with all his passwords when he died last summer… and the file was password-protected :-)

  7. Grace - Love Your Healthy Life

    Thank you so much for sharing my vision board idea on your blog, Susannah! I’m so glad that you felt inspired by it : )

    Your photography is gorgeous, and I look forward to your book release!


  8. Melissa Jaine

    Well, I hesitated to click on a link that says “Adulting”, but so glad I did. :)

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