Something for the weekend

Love these clever venn diagrams

Wise words from Liz: Are you leaving enough space for your life in your work?

The sandwich artist

[video] so lovely: The Violin maker

A grapefruit olive oil cake for a winter’s day

Notebook of awesome

Nom! Sweet potato & quinoa salad (also: coffee bacon sandwiches)

The most insane letter ever written by a child to a TV weather man (via Sas)

All Starbucks should look like this

My designer Jo is running her fabulous course again! She really knows her stuff

Epic! 1550 chairs stacked between buildings (also: this)

Difference is just a part of normal

And finally, thank you so much for all your comments, tweets and emails about the book! I need to start thinking about doing some author-y promo-y stuff soon, but for now, i’m just so excited that you’re excited, you know? Means the world to me. Thank you xx

7 responses
  1. Nina

    As a cellist, that violin maker video was interesting to me. You might like this one, also from NYC, about ballet shoes: . Happy weekend!

  2. Gerri

    Coffee-Bacon? Um…yes please…
    And, I want to talk with the child who wrote that letter…it frightens me.

  3. jessamine

    Beautiful visual treats and yummy ideas! Thanks!!!

  4. sonrie

    OH, the wonder of a brand new notebook!

  5. Glenda Childers

    It is great to be introduced to new sites via your links. Thanks.


  6. Kristine Dubuque Ortega

    Another fun and informational post … I have been enjoying your blog/work for quite sometime now … Look forward to each new email!

  7. Kathryn

    the weather man’s letter is so funny. always love your weekend links :)

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