Something for the weekend

Reclaiming the wisdom of your belly

Can’t seem to get enough of Anne Lamott this week: here | here | here

Judging books by their covers: USA vs UK

Aiming for: Paul & Joanne

Tara’s new book is now available for pre-order (and so is Holly’s!)

Blown away by: Ernestine Shepherd

Photo of the week

Brinja’s photos of her sweet daughter make this auntie happy (Vilja’s the same age as Noah)

I made another mixtape for you:

Ventricles. from Photobird on 8tracks.

Current favourite Pinterest board

Have you seen the beautiful guest poems over on Bentlily?

Polaroids in Afghanistan

Want to read this book — whether I’ll understand all of it is another matter ;-)

Cheeky art by Brock Davis

The 101 most useful websites on the internet

Go check out Randi’s first post for Roots of She — she’s a special gal, that one

And finally, the spring session of Unravelling has sold out, but if you’d like to join me for an adventure in photography this April, there are still a few places left for Photo Meditations. xo

7 responses
  1. Rosa

    “We compare our insides to other people’s outsides.” WOW…love Anne Lamott. Thanks for the new interviews, I had no idea she became a grandmother!

  2. Diana Anderson

    I love this post. Thanks for those links.


  3. Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

    Thank you! Anne Lamott’s Time Lost and Found was just what I needed to hear. Next up…Wisdom of your belly. Great shares Susannah and lovely weekend to you!

  4. brooke

    those polaroids in afghanistan are wonderful. thank you for sharing that!

  5. kelly

    HI Susannah,

    Anne Lamott spoke at my son’s commencement ceremony at Sonoma State U (in Northern California). She’s twice as inspiring in person! Thanks for those links! xo

  6. Carol

    I’ve just ordered The Tiger’s Wife because of the UK & US book cover comparison link. Thank you :-)

  7. Randi Buckley

    Oh, you.

    I just saw the shout out love. It gave me a little lump in my throat. And here I was just checking in as it had been too long.

    Thank you, Sus!

    With gratitude and love,

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